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Joining Turbonomic for The Transformative Mission

Posted by Rick Ochs on Mar 20, 2018 1:50:15 PM
Rick Ochs
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Experiencing IT Pains Firsthand

My name is Rick Ochs, and I want to tell the story of how and why I joined Turbonomic.

I've spent the last 13 years of my career at Microsoft building, maintaining, and PM'ing IT infrastructure and Applications. Over four years ago, we started one of the largest cloud migrations an enterprise had done. The experience of moving IT infrastructure into the cloud was challenging, but at the same time rewarding. It took an entire organization of thousands of employees and many years to effectively move our IT portfolio. We learned an incredible amount from this large migration, and we also failed just as much. Embracing those failures and learning from them was the key to effectively managing our new cloud world.

It became more apparent day by day that our traditional IT behaviors were toxic in the cloud and that the cloud was going to need a new approach. Things like having 7+ environments per app, with most of them matching production specs. Making copies of databases, backups, drives, and leaving them all over the place. Over-provisioning servers to avoid performance and growth risks. Poor understanding of cost drivers. Extremely low overall hardware utilization. Inaccurate organizational asset management. The list goes on and this isn't out of the ordinary for a majority of IT shops in the world - every organization is having these troubles!

All together, these behaviors contributed to one of the biggest hurdles in the cloud, which was... cost. The reports that cloud was cheaper just wasn't showing up in our bill - Meanwhile our costs were spiraling out of control. We had to fight each one of these behaviors with reporting, automation, and culture change. It was a very rewarding experience as we humbled ourselves and rolled up our sleeves to modernize our IT organization. Over the next few years, we came up with concepts to address inventory sprawl, over-provisioning, un-used assets, and more. Building custom solutions to each one of these problems was painstaking, but extremely rewarding. Each new feature had the potential to save millions of dollars, while also driving cultural change for cloud cost accountability. I loved my job and being a product owner was extremely rewarding. There was only one thing missing...

Time to Solve The Pains

I wanted to keep doing this full time, but not just for one company. Every company deserves the capability and capacity to modernize without their traditional IT behaviors holding them back. And then I met Charles Crouchman and Bill Veghte, the CTO for Turbonomic, and the Executive Chairman. They spoke about the same things that we were trying to solve for: compliance, performance, and cost. The best part though? They told me that Turbonomic had solved it.  And guess what? They actually did!

I couldn't resist joining the team that solved this complex challenge which has plagued every company's IT department for the past decade. I wanted to be part of helping companies modernize in order to change the world, each with their own special vision of how cloud technology can revolutionize their market. Empowering companies with planet-scale technology at their fingertips is fun. It's also worth noting that Turbonomic has a strong partnership with Microsoft, where we received Microsoft co-sell ready status back in February 2018. If Microsoft is partnering with Turbonomic, it must be worth a look.

And, it's true that cheaper, more efficient access to hyper-scale compute power can, and will, change the world. And that's exactly why I wanted to be a part of the revolution that Turbonomic is leading. This is true disruption and I'm thrilled to be here with my new team, leading the way forward for thousands of customers across the globe. If you want to be part of this massive industry transformation, please don't hesitate to join our mission. We're hiring!

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