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More Than Just a Name: Introducing Turbonomic

Posted by Eric Wright on Aug 17, 2016 5:00:07 PM
Eric Wright
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As you’ve most likely seen from our website, something very big just happened. VMTurbo has been officially renamed to Turbonomic. This is much more than a rebranding initiative, it’s the culmination of a vision that has been in place since the founding of the company. That vision has led to 26 consecutive quarters of growth and the building of a community that continues at an astonishing pace.

This is a company, a community, and a family that I’ve been incredibly proud of being a part since coming to the organization in 2014.

The Origin of Turbonomic

The very core of what we do here wraps around a patented Economic Scheduling Engine which gives you the ability to assure application Quality of Service while utilizing your cloud and data center infrastructure as efficiently as possible. The move towards Turbonomic comes from many of our customers showing us that the VM from VMTurbo had often been mistaken for Virtual Machine which could minimize the ability of the platform which is truly an any infrastructure platform. VM was an acronym for Virtualization Management if we really want the full story. It just got lost in the focus that everyone put on VM infrastructure in the recent years.

We have always had a vision beyond the VM. The industry listened, and agreed. This was our opportunity to take all that we have done since the launch of the company on the vision of our founders to deliver control and application performance through a system which would become the autonomic core of your cloud and data center operating environments.

For that reason, you can imagine that Turbonomic was a rather fitting identity to build upon. An autonomic platform to allow your applications, and data center and cloud infrastructure to be self-organizing, and to assure application performance.

Welcome to the Autonomic Future

You’ve already begin the journey towards autonomic along with the industry around you. If you read the blog series recently published you will understand a lot of what has already been happening around us even if we weren’t completely aware if the impact.

As we head into VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas which will be just over a week after this article is published, we will be seeing some big changes. Not just for Turbonomic, but for the industry and upwards of 24,000 attendees of the virtualization conference. Keynotes will steer from things we have seen in the past. Containers and applications are becoming the focus, and rightly so.

Network and storage virtualization are becoming more commonplace. And with the adoption of all of these technologies and methodologies comes complexity. The core competencies of virtualization providers has led to a point of maturity which requires them, and the consumers of IT, to shift further up the stack. The single greatest challenge to the industry right now is to meed the demands of the business. That is precisely why we chose to do that very thing by delivering application performance regardless of which infrastructure you choose.

Autonomic, Performance, and Control

There is an important distinction between autonomous and autonomic. The vision that the founders of Turbonomic laid out was one that always had these definitions in mind. By using a common abstraction layer and analytics layer, and our patented Economic Scheduling Engine, the goal of assuring application performance on any infrastructure, for any workload, anywhere, and any time, has become a reality.

There will be a transition period with the branding that is already underway. Your current VMTurbo control instance will become your Turbonomic control instance with a simple and seamless update. This also lays the foundation for something very exciting that will be arriving in an upcoming release.

Our new HTML5 UI with a freshly designed end-to-end user experience continues to help us firm our position as being the only platform that provides control across any infrastructure to assure application performance. When we talk about assuring application performance on any infrastructure, we are extending to be able to use our HTML5 interface to be able to do that from any device.

Let your engineers get back to engineering real solutions for the business. Let Turbonomic be the brain and the autonomic system that gives you the control and application Quality of Service that you deserve.

Thank you for joining us for this exciting journey, and let me assure you that this is only the beginning. Welcome to the Turbonomic future. Make sure to join us at VMworld in Las Vegas in the Turbonomic Booth #1139 to see just what all the buzz is about!

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