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Eric Wright

Looking Back on our 2015 Predictions in Technology

The great thing about predictions is that we get to look back on them to see just how accurate we were. In the time where transparency is king, it seems appropriate to take a look back at the 2015 predictions and see whether the visions we laid out came to fruition.

So, as a part of the team that brought you the 2015 predictions, I thought this is a great time to review our work and to take a look forward to 2016.

Containers are Here to Stay

VMTurbo_container-sprawlWe fully admit that containers haven't take over the deployment world. They have cemented a place in the future of both on-premises computing and cloud computing. Whether you're already running a containerized application that is built in-house, or consuming IT from a SaaS or service provider, there is either a container baked in there already, or the next generation is being evaluated as to whether containerization is the right approach.

The great thing about seeing the upcoming trend is that the vocal resistance begins to rise along with the popularity.

Azure will Toyota the Public Cloud

Azure LogoEveryone has eyes on Amazon Web Services, but what do you do when you want to bring in millions of dollars in cloud business? Being Number 2 isn't a bad place to be to achieve that. As we see the classic battle between Google Compute Engine and AWS, there is a big move happening continuously by Microsoft to edge into a significant chunk of the public cloud marketplace. One thing they are also doing is delivering the Azure On-Premises with their upcoming Azure Stack release. Since Amazon doesn't want any part of the on-premises business, they have left a gap which will be gladly filled by the Seattle crew.

Applications Take Control

We are continuously moving up the stack. The application and container focus that has begun to really expand this year is a definite sign of a shift towards the focus on apps. Infrastructure is still necessary, but becomes more commoditized as we hone in on the true value: The application layers.

PaaS isn't just an Easter Egg company. It's where much of your application infrastructure will be moving into over the coming years. Cloud Foundry developed a Foundation, and Amazon and others are seeing the writing on the wall. The push towards providing code and app-only infrastructure means that the future could be immutable. It's a long road, but it is no longer a science project.

Storage gets Flashy

IOPS are so 2014, right? Let's talk latency! Storage startups are abound, and flash is becoming a part of nearly every data center implementation. It may not be a full shift away from spinning disk just yet, but flash is a first class citizen in the storage landscape. Hyperconvergence and small form factor is laying down a trend towards low-latency alternatives. Everything from the flash storage to the speed across the physical stack using higher-speed networking options is becoming the focus of customers and vendors alike. Don't kiss that spinning disk goodbye just yet, but be prepared to embrace a flashy friend along side it.

The OpenStack Inflection Point

relaxed-openstackOpenStack keeps growing up, and outwards. The embracing of the Big Tent approach means that we have inclusion of projects in a new way. Over the course of the releases, projects became programs, and have once again become projects. Maturity and adoption rates are now published transparently thanks to the RefStack initiative, and we have more and more big name organizations along with companies of every shape, size, and market sector jumping in with OpenStack. Whether it's a full production deployment, or a fully featured test deployment, the move to the open cloud is continuing.

What's coming in 2016?

Join me and my team in our 2016 predictions in technology on the VMBlog site which features our ideas on where technology is taking us this year. We have hybrid cloud, Big Data, Kubernetes and more. Read up on our thoughts heading into 2016 and be sure to comment below on your own predictions for 2016.

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From all of the team here at VMTurbo, we wish you a Happy New Year as we head into another exciting year in technology!