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Love Your Pet Day at Turbonomic

Posted by Justin Graci on Feb 20, 2018 1:52:52 PM

Though it might be a made up, ‘just for fun’ holiday… Turbonomic employees take their pets very seriously, so today, we’re celebrating National Love Your Pet Day. Every pet owner celebrates their furry friends in different ways, but whatever it may be, I think we can all agree that pet-lovers never hold back when it comes to their pets. Did you know that pet owners in the United States spent close to $69 billion on their pets in 2017? That's a lot of money, but they're worth it.

To celebrate this fun day, we wanted to introduce a few of our Turbo Pets:

Meet Cesar:


Cesar is a pug whose favorite place to roam is the Quiet Path in Stowe Vermont.

He hops and sprints, but is NOT a fan of long distance anything. He loves running along the beach, but refuses to go anywhere close to the water.

His favorite foods are chicken with peas and green beans. He loves visiting TurboNation at the Turbonomic HQ in Boston and sometimes joins meetings via video conference!

Meet Penny:


Penny is a 4-year-old Frenchie who is the sweetest diva you’ll ever meet! We believe she is equal parts dog, frog, pig and bunny and oftentimes responds to the following names: Penny, Penelope, P, Loaf (as in loaf of bread), and Bunny.

She’s had quite the 4 years – going from a nose surgery to emergency spinal surgery and almost being paralyzed, her young life has presented challenges, but she remains incredibly pawsitive and happy-go-lucky!

Meet Coco:


Coco Tortora is a Bichon Frise, which in short means that she is a white poof ball with black eyes and a round black nose! She was born on May 27, 2013 in Fairfield, CT.

Our family refers to her as “an item left in the couch” since she loves to climb up and bury herself in between the base of the couch and the cushions.

She loves to go on walks and cuddle up with her family. Coco is incredibly loving and is wonderful with children.

Meet Sasha:


Meet Sasha. Sasha is a Nebelung cat rescued by the Westchester Humane Society.

As you can see from the photos, Sasha loves helping us make sense of the New York Times every morning.

And she’s a great help when we’re packing our bags for short trips. 

Meet Layla:


Layladoodle is a 2-year old midsized goldendoodle who is the happiest goofball pup around. She’s often seen at the parks in South Boston, playing with her local friends (Corbin, Hadley and Brady).

Some of her favorite things include; chewing sticks, running laps at the park, digging holes at the beach and demanding everyone to pet her.

When she comes into the Turbonomic office, she has the end goal of meeting every single person here… I assure you, she succeeds every time.

Meet Charlie:


Here’s my fur baby Charlie or Chaz for short.

He’s a real character, a big mush and loves to play hide and seek.  He lightens up my day no matter how bad or stressful it is.

Meet Jack:


Named after Jack Skellington (A Nightmare Before Christmas), Jack is a feral cat. I found him trapped inside a dumpster during an extremely hot heatwave, when he was estimated to be about 4 or 5 weeks old. I rushed him to my veterinarian office and they treated him with shots and nearly doubled his weight with IV Fluids.

My plan was to nurture him back to health until I could adopt him out … that was 10 years ago. He is very smart and loves to be around people and even digs through his bucket of toys to find precisely the toy he wants to play with at that point in time.

Here he is posing in front of the computer screen showing off the code “he wrote”.

Meet Pooter:


Pooter (yes that’s actually his name), is my 15-year-old North American Domestic Short Hair cat. He has a refined capability of seducing anyone he meets, compelling them to pet him for long periods on end. He loves to sleep - and actually snores about as loud as some people I know – and specifically enjoys stealing the dog’s bed.

When he is not sleeping he is eating, begging to eat, or hatching a plan to sneak outside to find the nearest patch of grass to eat.

Meet Zeppelin:


Zeppelin is an 8-year-old black Standard Poodle. His name is derived from the band Led Zeppelin after the song “Black Dog” which he exhibited a sudden affinity towards as a young pup. He loves going for long hikes and especially loves playing in the snow.

During the day he generally performs what I would simply call epic sleeping. He is extremely intelligent – sometimes too smart for his own good leading to stealthy theft of food, including one incident involving a whole, fresh-cooked turkey. Here is a picture of Zeppelin passed-out after stealing the jar of peanut butter we typically use to fill his “Kong” treat chew toy.

Meet Mythri:


Mythri is a pointer mix and is 6 months old. We brought her home when she was 10 weeks old.  She was rescued from a shelter in Alabama and traveled all the way to New Jersey to our home in New York.

She’s a friendly, adorable puppy who seems to love snacking! (on her toys, too!)  She enjoys running around the house when she’s bored and loves chasing squirrels like all other hunter dogs.

She is very inquisitive about new people, sounds, or objects around her – she loves being nosey! She frequently amuses us with her constant barking at her own reflection on glass panes.

Meet Beaujolais:


Beaujolais Doulin is a 14 week old mini labradoodle that loves treats, toys that squeak and getting into mischief.

When he isn’t chewing on furniture (he likes antiques the best!), he enjoys learning about the complexity of the modern day datacenter and workload automation for the hybrid cloud.

Meet Rocco:


Rocco had a great day at Turbo in this picture! He made the rounds and said hello to everyone finding some balls around the office.

He’s a miniature English Bulldog (55 lbs—not sure how miniature) and just turned 5! A dog that loves his toys...


Technology is way more fun when we get to include our furry friends in the mix, so if working at a company that enjoys pets as much as we do sounds up your alley then check out our careers page and see if there are any opportunities that you'd be interested in!

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