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Intelligently Manage Your IBM PowerVM Environment With Turbonomic

Posted by Asena Hertz on Apr 1, 2016 7:49:03 AM
Asena Hertz
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Do you have an IBM Power environment that runs your business critical applications? Turbonomic Operations Manager 5.5 now integrates with your Power environment, enabling you to use your resources more efficiently while you can deliver even better performance than your company is used to.

Connecting PowerVM and Turbonomic

Turbonomic Operations Manager targets your Hardware Management Console (HMC). Once connected to your HMC, it automatically discovers all the LPARs whether they are dedicated, capped/uncapped. It also discovers the VIO Servers and Frames. Turbonomic integrates with HMC version 8.3 and higher.

IBM PowerVM Target Configuration in VMTurbo


What Turbonomic can do for your Power environment

Before diving into the kinds of actions that Turbonomic generates for you, let’s spend a minute on Turbonomic’s core idea. Turbonomic abstracts the datacenter into a market of buyers and sellers. Applications go shop for the resources they need in order to be as performant as possible. That being said, Turbonomic enables you to

  • Reduce CapEx, because your data center is more efficient
  • Reduce OpEx, because Turbonomic can keep the datacenter in a state of perpetual health
  • Guarantee performance

Once Turbonomic runs in your PowerVM, it will generate actions for you to take, or eventually automate, that will guarantee the health of your environment. It will tell you when it would be more efficient to run an LPAR on a different frame and it will tell you how to resize your LPARs. Your VIO servers are exempt from moving actions, but Turbonomic Operations manager does make resizing decisions.

Manage x86 and PowerVM from one instance

If you have x86 blade chasis as well as IBM Power frames, you have to look at multiple systems when you want to report your data center’s health. With the PowerVM integration, you can control the health of your x86 and Power systems from one instance. You can generate Dashboards that indicate the overall health of your datacenter and show how Turbonomic has avoided risks, regardless of the underlying technology.

We understand that the workloads you are running on Power have above norm requirements. Yet, we challenge you to consider that this is not a reason why you cannot run them as efficiently as possible.

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