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Ben Yemini

May Appliance ‘What’s New’

We are proud to announce another significant monthly release to our virtualization management solution. Building on capabilities that are already some of the best in the industry,  this new release adds functionality that demonstrates a couple of key understandings:

  1. That the environment you are managing is a growing and dynamic one. All the tools used to identify and resolve performance issues must scale very easily and provide clear and un-ambiguous direction as to the best way to resolve them.
  2. That everything associated with running a virtualized environment has a monetary value associated with it. Whether a soft cost saving due to a clear and accurate right-sizing capability or a hard cost saving because the Planner is able to accurately model various ‘what if’ scenarios for hardware upgrades, VMTurbo is there to help you quantify and report on it.

We invite our existing users to go ahead and upgrade at this time. For those of you not currently using VMTurbo, we would encourage you to register for an FREE evaluation of our capabilities.

New Features:

  1. Our Monitor has been enhanced to include 2 additional monitored metrics. These are recorded and mined to help improve VMTurbo’s ability to provide directly actionable recommendations that assure the continued maximum performance of the virtualized environment. They are; Input/Output operations per second (IOPS) and the associated Latencies.

    VM summary resized 600

  2. The ability to mine the Monitor for actionable information including trending has been enhanced through the addition of ‘time selectors’. These are now available in several new areas of the Monitor and enable data retrieval and display for any discrete time, up to the retention limits.

    iSCSIDisk1 Resources resized 600

  3. The information available through various storage reports has been enhanced to make it easier to identify (for instance), wasted files. These are defined as files on the datastore but NOT associated with a VM. These are listed by ‘date last accessed’, size, as well as the file path to their location.This information is available both in real-time via the Monitor

    Wasted files on iSCSI resized 600
    As well as in the storage reports

    wasted files resized 600

  4. The Monitor user interface has undergone a number of enhancements designed to enable the user to better manage his/her environment ‘at-a-glance’. One aspect of this improvement is the use of icons to identify the severity of a problem.

    physical machine summary resized 600

  5. With the ever increasing size of virtualized environments that are possible with advanced management tools such as VMTurbo, it becomes more useful and powerful to be able to customize the interface to narrow down the scope of interest in order to best identify problems and apply resolutions. This customization is available across Physical Hosts, Virtual Machines and Datastores.

    describe the image

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    describe the image

    describe the image

  6. Wherever possible, the information displayed by VMTurbo now includes both a % (utilization or capacity) AS WELL as absolute quantities. This now makes it much easier to assess the true impact of information regarding remaining resources.

    esx server Resources resized 600

  7. When inspecting the performance metrics of a VM/application, it is very helpful to  see both the details of a VM specific problem, as well as those of the supporting infrastructure. This capability is now available.

    SUSE problem log resized 600

  8. The forward looking capability of the ‘Planner’ is a very effective tool for comparing ‘what if’ scenarios side by side. Whether merging clusters or evaluating the relative performance of different hardware solutions, the effect of the ‘Market’ can be graphically seen and the impact of those scenarios easily evalauted. To make this capability even more relevant to the needs of Infrastructure Management, it now includes a financial calculation in the simulation.

    Savings Summary resized 600

  9. Extending the concept of a financial impact to decisions made affecting the virtual environment, we are now able to quantify a savings or cost associated with changes to a virtual machine. This added dimension is a driving factor to many of the decisions made by Administrators and Infrastructure achitects. Having this information readily available in a report is very valuable.

    Savings Report resized 600

  10. With the day to day tasks of administering a virtualized environment becoming more and more complex, anything that automates the process is a welcomed productivty gain. This months release of VMTurbo adds to the already comprehenive list of pre-defined reports, the ability to create detailed accounts of host capacity by cluster.

    cluster resized 600

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