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How Mentorship at Turbonomic Helped Me Grow My Career

Posted by Andrew Bohac on Nov 16, 2017 8:17:49 AM

Mentorship is often talked about at many organizations across the world, but my experience at Turbonomic has really stood out among everything I've read. Brian Tracy, a successful business coach and CEO at Brian Tracy International said, “You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.”

When I joined Turbonomic I was transitioning from a career as a stone mason and construction manager with no technology background into a sales development role for the commercial business. This was certainly “something new” to me and going into the opportunity I understood that the main challenges I would face were:

1.      Learning the technology

2.      Cold calling prospects

3.      Messaging effectively

Turbonomic CareersIdentifying where my gaps existed was important for me to understand, so that I could make the transition successful. If you have ever been an “SDR” or a “BDR” then you can relate to how awkward and uncomfortable cold calling can be in the beginning. Being timid on the phone is not a way to get over that. To be successful, especially at Turbonomic, you need to be willing to take the chance, make the mistakes, and learn from those while continuing to work on your messaging and delivery.

My tenured peers urged me to keep the following mentality when I walked in the door every morning;

1.      Attack your weaknesses with valuable time investments

2.      Be intellectually curious

3.      Be loud and fearless, it’s the only way to shake the fear from the phone

I can truly attribute my success at Turbonomic to the encouraging culture that has surrounded me from day one which enabled my growth from a commercial SDR to a commercial sales development manager.

Mentorship and Support:

mentorship at turbonomic As an SDR my mentors constantly helped me with role playing, prospecting, giving constructive feedback on calls and identifying areas where I could improve. When I wanted to advance my career towards becoming an account executive, my mentors helped me to understand what the role entailed and what I needed to do to be ready for the role. This required many hours practicing my pitch deck, perfecting my demo, and creating opportunities to participate in the sales cycle.


After all the hard work and time spent preparing for my new role, I was offered the option of either becoming an account executive or taking on the task of managing our commercial sales development team. I was happy that my efforts had not only earned me a promotion, but I was also being seen as a leader. This opportunity would not have been possible if I didn’t have great coaches and mentors within the organization that wanted me to succeed and whom enabled me to unlock my potential.

Endless Possibilities:

In my new role, as the commercial SDR manager, I am now responsible for the continued success of the SDR organization, which includes encouraging each member to develop relationships with their AE’s and seek their own mentorship opportunities like I did. Looking back on the last two years it is incredible how much I have learned, how many new skills I have developed, and that I still look forward to coming in every day to continue to grow in my new leadership role because this company presents me with endless opportunities to better myself every morning I walk in the door.
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