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Kevin Lamb

New in VMTurbo 5.3: Dell Compellent Support

With our 5.3 release we are excited to announce VMTurbo now includes support for Dell Compellent. Dell Compellent joins a growing list of storage vendors that VMTurbo supports through its Storage Control Module: EMC, NetApp, Nutanix, Pure Storage—and now, Dell. By continuing to add more storage vendors to the platform, VMTurbo assures performance of IO-intensive applications, minimizing latency and preventing storage contention.

Abstractions Enable Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

VMTurbo-abstraction-layersWith each new release additional components of the datacenter are added to the VMTurbo platform at an almost breakneck speed. The reason that all of these disparate sources, such as Dell Compellent storage, are able to quickly interface with VMTurbo is because of the abstraction layer. This abstraction layer underpins the entire platform, bringing these different components of the datacenter with different metrics into a common data model.


MarketplaceDiagram_HandDrawn-minVMTurbo abstracts the data center as an economic market—every data center entity is a buyer and seller and every resource has a price. In other words, Dell Compellent is just another storage entity that sells IOPS to VMs, applications, and/or containers.


Adding Dell Compellent as a Target in VMTurbo

To interface with Dell Compellent, it is as simple as adding it as another target within VMTurbo and through an SMI-S Provider VMTurbo will automatically start to pull data from the disk arrays and storage controllers.

VMTurbo Target Configuration

Adding Dell Compellent drives a greater visibility across the entire stack—VMTurbo can map that end-to-end relationship from the application all the way down to the storage controller—but, more importantly, it uses the insight to provide control.

When VMTurbo has an understanding of which datastores sit on which arrays, it enables the decisions that mitigate performance risk at the storage layer. For example, will moving workloads from datastore to datastore actually drive any benefit to performance? The storage control module allows VMTurbo to extend its market abstraction beyond the hypervisor level, into the storage layer, and drive decisions that ensure that workloads are able to consume the IOPS they need, while mitigating latency.

Below, a view of Dell Compellent SC606061 and its related storage controller and datastores.

VMTurbo Supply Chain Dell Compellent Data StoresThis added support for Dell Compellent is simply another proof point on the journey towards controlling any type of workload on any type of infrastructure at any time. It is how VMTurbo continuously assures application performance, while maximizing efficiency.

An SDK Success Story

Another exciting part of the Dell Compellent story is that our engineers simply leveraged the VMTurbo SDK. It has never been easier to hook into the VMTurbo platform and the breakneck speed of development will only accelerate. Not only will we internally continue to roll out additional support at different levels of the datacenter, but any customer or vendor can also hook into VMTurbo to add what the platform can interface with and control.