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Our Devotion to Transparency

Posted by Justin Graci on Oct 16, 2018 12:54:11 PM

Company transparency is a hot button topic these days, but how are we at Turbonomic addressing transparency? It's one of our core values, so let's take a look at a few ways we remain transparent.

Communicating Change:

Working at a hyper-growth stage company is exciting, but it can also surface some growing pains. We acknowledge that this is a reality with any hyper-growth company and that we have to get ahead of any issues that come up. One way we do this is by overly-communicating changes across the organization. These changes can range from new leadership, to quarterly goals/focus areas, product features, new programs and policies being rolled out, and much more. To address these changes, we have a few different ways of operating that help keep everyone on the same page.

  1. Team meetings: most teams have weekly meetings to review progress towards goals, flag any obstacles that come up and to announce any changes taking place. Often these are the meetings where you’ll get updates from the executive level on the direction of the company. I find these meetings to be great places to be open and ask direct questions I might have to gain clarity over any changes.
  2. Company Goals: we have cascading company goals that help our teams focus on the right projects. By doing this, we can stay tightly aligned on what we need to work on. If we need to make a quick pivot, that will be discussed company wide and within each team meeting – often with action plans to ensure everyone knows what to do.
  3. Company Emails: this is a common-sense method of communication, but one way we use this is for updating all employees of management changes. Whenever a new manager joins, the functional leader will often announce this so that all employees are aware. It’s a great way to stay on top of new hires and to get a quick introduction to your new teammate. Our CEO will often send out emails voiding any untrue rumors, to ensure that everyone feels safe and focused on our mission. These emails mean a lot to me, because it shows our leadership cares and wants to keep a positive mentality built upon transparency within the business.
  4. Organizational Information: It’s always tough to stay up to date on who is who and what everyone is doing in their role when they join or get promoted. To help solve this, we implemented a new tool called HelloTeam, which is an intranet that houses a dynamic org chart, employee profiles and even allows employees to engage with each other.

Sharing Results Broadly:

When it comes to transparency, sharing our results with every employee is the top thing most employees cite as being the best part of our commitment to transparency. Whether it’s financial results or customer win stories, you will be in the know – often before our board even knows the results. Multiple times throughout each quarter, our CFO walks through our progress in bookings and revenue and will make sure it digestible for every employee to understand. Every meeting is always recorded, so if you miss it, you’ll have access to the information. Recording ensures that we’re not keeping any information from employees. We also have two internal newsletters that are frequently sent out. One is our engineering newsletter that updates us on product developments, success stories and employee spotlights. This helps our teams stay in the know on what our R&D team is working on. Our CEO will also send out emails announcing new partnership wins and other key industry news items we should know about. Strong communication leads to success.

Open Office Space:

We provide an open office space, which enables us to be more agile and collaborate often. If noise is ever an issue, there are plenty of quiet spaces and break out rooms that you can move to (I think everyone would admit that quiet time is always necessary). This open space also allows for employees and teams to openly express themselves. Many of our teams decorate their office area with their personal interests, which opens up opportunities to connect with each other outside of our core-work by sharing what we’re passionate about. Walking around our offices, you’ll see different themes, interests and hobbies across various teams.

Honest About Where We Are in Our Growth

At the end of the day, no organization is perfect – especially when you’re in a constant state of change within a fast-growing environment. We acknowledge that that transparency isn’t something that is ever fully finished… it’s something we will continue to improve upon. We can and should always be enhancing the ways in which we operate to create a better place of work for each and every employee. Our leadership is always seeking input from employees, so if you’ve got ideas – we want to hear them!


If a culture that values transparency is important to you, come learn more on our careers page or blog.

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