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Overcoming Challenges with the Company's Support

Posted by Justin Graci on Aug 15, 2018 1:15:02 PM

By 2020 it's estimated that 83%+ of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud. This transformation introduces an ever-increasing set of complex tradeoffs for IT staff, such as; whether to place workloads on-premises or public cloud, when and how to scale up or scale out workloads, and what resources to allocate without over-provisioning. This scale of complexity is what has plagued IT operators for more than a decade.

Turbonomic delivers a solution that answers these questions to alleviates IT and help them on their journey of digital transformation. So who is behind this platform that solves such complex problems? One of them is Amruta Karmarkar who is a Senior Director of Customer Facing Engineering at Turbonomic. We sat down with her to discuss the challenges of managing something as complex as the cloud.

Describe your favorite project, what were the goals and how were they achieved?

Public Cloud Guide coverAmrutaI joined Turbonomic in February 2017, and my first task was to help the engineering team get Public Cloud Support out the door. This was a great “first” project for me at Turbo: solving the extremely difficult problem of automated workload optimization and placement in the public cloud; not to mention the challenging timeline and the opportunity to build something truly differentiating and impactful for the company. We were able to overcome this immense challenge with the help of a dedicated team, working at an incredible speed, while dealing with every obstacle that came their way.

How did your company support your deadline-driven work?

AmrutaTurbonomic is a great place to work. Everyone here is incredible. Even the founders are hands-on, technical and willing to dive into the details and pitch in to help whenever needed. That is something I haven’t seen at other companies. Being new to Turbonomic I had to ramp up very quickly on the Turbo core technology. Our amazing and talented engineers and management team helped every step of the way and enabled me and the team to be successful.

Describe something you learned while working on this project?

public cloud cost breakdown turbonomic screenshotAmrutaI quickly learned the complexity of managing the price to performance in the Public Cloud, which is extremely challenging! Without a deep understanding of how to place and optimize application workloads in the cloud, enterprises more often than not see their IT budgets balloon out of control. I got hands on with technologies such as AWS and learned more than I could have imagined along the way. If you like the idea of learning every day and figuring out challenging integrations and technologies, Turbonomic has plenty to go around.


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About our featured employee:

Amruta is a highly experienced senior-level software engineering manager with expertise in development of highly scalable, converged and hyper-converged cloud management platforms using cutting edge, open source components, tools and technologies. Amruta joined Turbonomic in 2017, coming from DellEMC to lead our Public Cloud engineering team at a pivotal moment in our company's progression. She is now Senior Director of Customer Facing Engineering. Since joining, she has made an immediate impact within the company and across a large customer base with her and her teams contributions to our platform.

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