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Q&A with Technical Recruiters at Turbonomic Pt.2

Posted by Justin Graci on May 15, 2018 11:14:39 AM

Following up on part one of our two part Q&A with our Technical Recruiters talking about engineering, we dive into deeper questions regarding the interview process. Also in part two, Nick and Adam touch on emerging trends, our founders and more. If you missed part one, check it out here.

What are the big trends in the industry and how do they relate to opportunities at Turbonomic?

Nick: I think the easiest one to draw a clear connection to is hybrid cloud. Our platform is perfectly positioned to experience hyper-growth as a direct result of the emergence of hybrid cloud. We use workload automation to manage any hybrid cloud environment, which means we need to always stay abreast of what is happening in that world, but also emerging technologies such as containers and edge computing.

For that reason, our engineers are constantly learning new technologies and building new features that relate to various elements of the cloud and the software-defined data center. Another trend is micro service architecture, which we are also making use of here. We’re in the process of “re-platforming," which means we’re re-writing the monolithic codebase with Java and Go-based micro services. This idea of having smaller services that are less dependent on each other makes our platform more scalable and allows our development teams to work more effectively, among other things.

When you're speaking with students, what do they find the most attractive about engineering opportunities at Turbonomic?

Adam:  Impact, Exposure and Growth.  We have a small engineering team, so the ability for every single person in our team to make an impact is real.  I’m amazed at the amount of new features that our team is able to release and even our new hires are making an impact on that delivery.  Additionally, the exposure you get to all aspects building complex, enterprise software and working directly with our VP’s and President/Co-Founder. Lastly, we are growing fast and everyone has the ability to grow along with Turbonomic.

Nick: The opportunity to join a hyper-growth company that is deeply immersed in the hybrid cloud space and continuing to develop for emerging technologies.

How can prospective applicants learn about Turbonomic engineering opportunities?

Adam:  Connect with a recruiter on our team or someone within our engineering organization.  We always have our positions listed on our website but meeting us at a tech event or networking is great way to learn more about each other. We also have some great videos and employee testimonials you should check out!

What extent are the founders involved with the engineering team and what is the impact of that?

Adam: Very involved with our engineering team and driving our technology forward.  The premise of why Turbonomic was founded still holds true and is now even more relevant, so their involvement is still impacting our evolution.  Because they are so involved, the rest of the engineering team gets the opportunity to interact and learn from them.

Nick: Yes, the founders are involved. One Founder (the President) runs the engineering org, another Founder is an engineering VP, and others are involved, but to a lesser extent. There’s something nice about having the team that created our technology still involved in the day-to-day operation.

How would you describe the engineering culture at Turbonomic? Are there words, workflows, processes, or ways of thinking that drive that culture?

Nick: I tend to think about engineering culture from both a technology and a team standpoint. In both cases, Turbonomic has nearly everything you’d hope to see in a progressive software environment. We use modern tools/methodologies and process to get things done (agile/scrum, daily stand-ups, modern tech stack, etc.). We work in smaller, more nimble software development teams. We truly encourage innovation...When you come to Turbonomic, we want you to bring new ideas with you. If there’s something you want to implement here and there’s the potential for it to add real value, that’s something we’ll allow you to do with the hopes that we can eventually spread it to the wider team. And finally, there’s a real sense of team here, and that everyone is on the same mission. There’s a huge collaboration aspect to what our engineers do. That enables an effective software development practice but it also enables learning, which nearly all engineers I speak to place extremely high value on.

Meet our Technical Recruiters:

Turbonomic engineeringAdam Pasti is our Technical Recruiting Manager, based out of our Boston Headquarters. He frequently travels between New York, Toronto and Boston where we have R&D teams based. Adams been working in technical recruiting for over a decade, building some of the best engineering teams. He’s worked at Turbonomic for over 3 years and brings an expert level of knowledge on the Turbonomic platform.


Nick Picardi is one of our Technical Recruiting Leads and has worked in technical recruiting for over 5 years. Nick is known by many candidates and co-workers as one of the friendliest people to work with, because of his outgoing personality and ability to connect career aspirations to meaningful work.


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