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Reflections on a 3-Year Turboversary

Posted by Justin Graci on Nov 28, 2018 3:41:07 PM

Career development is always a hot topic and at Turbonomic we've made some huge progress in our programs and processes to enable career growth opportunities for our global employees. Each quarter, we get to celebrate career growth as we see the list of employee work anniversaries grow. We caught up with Megan Gay, Marketing Programs Manager to chat about her recent work anniversary and a company-funded trip!

Let's start with an intro. What's your role and main responsibility at Turbonomic?

As Marketing Program Manager for Digital Marketing and Demand Generation, I have a very dynamic role within our Marketing organization. While my projects and tasks are always different, at the end of the day my role is to deliver content to the right people, in the right accounts, at the best time whether that's through our website, email, direct mail, paid advertising, or social media channels. The goal is to generate net new leads, build interest in our brand, and create engagement to drive that person and account towards an opportunity – all without talking to them directly.

You've been at Turbonomic for over 3 years now. Can you reflect a bit on your experience here and what it's been like?

When I first joined this company back in February 2015, I was one of 250 employees globally, we had just over 1,000 customers, and our name was VMTurbo. I remember my first time visiting the office at 500 Boylston Street and the first thing I noticed was that the energy here was incredible. After meeting with a few members of the Marketing organization, I knew this was where I wanted to kick start my career but there was one problem, there weren’t any open positions at the time. So, I took a risk and joined as an intern. A month later, I was an associate and had the opportunity to shape my career as the company grew. It’s been a privilege to be a part of a high growth scaling company and learn from our operational changes over time. We’ve doubled in size, have over 500 employees, 2,000 customers, rebranded to Turbonomic, and are continuing to scale at a rapid pace.

The company has a program for employee anniversaries called 'Turboversaries.' After 3 years, employees can travel to another office to further their development and gain new perspective. Where did you choose to go and why?

For my Turboversary, I chose to visit Graeme Hutchinson, our EMEA Marketing Director, in the office in Reading, UK. Graeme has been with Turbonomic for almost a year and is solely leading the charge for our marketing department in EMEA. The purpose for my visit was to learn more about our EMEA business goals and identify how we can better enable their team to be successful through digital marketing programs.

How was your time there spent?

My time in our EMEA office was focused around our mission in marketing to align as closely to sales as possible to build pipeline for their organization and every program we run. I shadowed Graeme, met with our sales team in groups and 1:1’s, and gained an understanding of their team’s goals, operations, and challenges. Together, we worked on upcoming events, such as our EMEA Summit in which we hosted customers and partners to see what’s new in Turbonomic and share experiences, introduced SalesLoft, and launched an EMEA direct mail program to enable our SDRs to set net new meetings in their territories.

Did you get to do anything else that was fun, outside of the work you were doing while on this trip?

Yes! Graeme took me for a proper English breakfast and a tour of Reading, we had a team outing at a local pub, and we hit a few golf balls on the driving range – Graeme just got some new SM7 Titleist wedges, so I had to test them out. After work, I spent my weekend traveling in London. I toured Tower of London, went to a Michelin star Indian restaurant, saw Les Miserables at the Queens Theatre, and took a self-guided tour (thanks Rick Steve’s Europe audio) of the city from Tower Bridge to Kensington Palace.

Looking ahead, what excites you the most about Turbonomic?

I’m most excited about the opportunity for our technology to help our customers in cloud – it’s truly a game changer to help organizations achieve their goals and prepare for the future of IT. We were recently named to the Forbes 2018 Cloud 100 list for the third consecutive year and are a leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Cloud Cost Monitoring and Optimization, Q2 2018. We’ve also attained AWS Cloud Migration Competency, earned AWS Cloud Migration Competency, and is an Inc. Magazine 2018 Best Workplaces. What's not to be excited about with that?


I encourage anyone who finds a fast-moving company to be exciting to check out our open roles. Who knows, you could quickly find yourself 3-years in and heading out on your company-funded trip across the pond!

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