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Ben Yemini

VMTurbo Release 4.7 – What’s New?

We recently announced General Availability for VMTurbo release v4.7. The release continues our focus on Software-Driven Control for the Software Defined Enterprise. We provide end-to-end control (compute, storage, fabric, and network) across the virtualized stack and tighter converged infrastructure alignment to better manage all resources across the Virtualized Data Center.

So what’s new in 4.7? Well there’s a lot, as our founder Shmuel Kliger mentioned in a recent post, we continue to achieve the impossible.

I wanted to take this opportunity to go into further detail on some of the new capabilities and changes to our packaging.

OpenStack and KVM Control
OpenStack is a relatively new Open Source project but is quickly gaining traction with the potential of becoming the Cloud Management Platform of choice for many of our customers. With release 4.7 we’ve extended the same control we already provide for VMware’s Virtual Cloud Director (vCD), Citrix’s CloudStack and Microsoft’s System Center Virtual Management Manager (SCVMM) to OpenStack.

With VMTurbo’s Cloud Control Module customers can now assure performance of workloads in OpenStack Tenants by ensuring they have the compute, storage and network resource they need to meet demand. Performance is assured while utilizing the underlying infrastructure as efficiently as possible.

Intelligent Planning with Reservations
Our reservation functionality is designed to help our customers answer the question “how can I reserve resources for projects and workloads that are coming in the future?” The challenge that many of them have is in determining if they have the capacity today for future workloads. At the same time they want assurance that they can run today’s workloads with tomorrow’s project. And if they lack capacity, how do they determine the minimal amount required.

The complexity of fluctuating workload demand in the current environment and managing future risks of over-provisioning make this nearly an impossible problem to solve.

With VMTurbo, you can now intelligently plan and manage the allocation of resources for future demand, allowing you to reserve capacity for a new project, and give you the answer of when additional compute or storage is needed.

New Reporting User Experience
4.7 Introduces a whole new user experience for how users create, view, schedule and send reports. In previous releases, we introduced the creation of custom dashboards and views. After all it’s your data and you want to control how to share it.  With 4.7 we take that experience one step further to create a saved report of your dashboard, and then be able to view, send or subscribe to send over email. Users can also generate or schedule the report in the new interface, and leverage a convenient search ahead filtering criteria based on report name.

VMTurbo Reports

Control Resource Pools 
Resource Pools provide flexibility and organization to compartmentalize compute resources for a variety of reasons including separation of workload by customer or department, and provide a way to limit access. This flexibility also presents the challenge involved in understanding how much compute to allocate to manage workload as demand changes. You also need insight into the parent/child relationships and hierarchy to know where congestion occurs, and where to take action.

With VMTurbo you can control and manage Resource Pools. We have abstracted the data associated with Resource Pools into our economic scheduling engine enabling customers to control Resource Pools in a very similar way to controlling Virtual Data Centers. VMTurbo give customers the ability to manage, take action and plan for change.

Additional Announcements
Beyond these new capabilities we’ve also:
-       Improved Hyper-V VMM support for HA and maintenance mode
-       Enhanced our Storage Control for NetApp
-       New custom dashboard panels and ability to schedule reports off the views

Changes to Packaging
With Release 4.7 we’ve changed how we package our solution. VMTurbo Operations Manager now comes in a single edition which includes several of the features previously reserved for the Cloud Edition. Current Enterprise Edition customers can now leverage APIs, guided workflow for reserving and onboarding workloads (Deploy & Reservations) and multi-tenancy support with user scoping. In conjunction, we’ve packaged the functionality which extends control into the Cloud layer into our Cloud Control Module, consistent with the approach we’ve taken for Storage, Application and Fabric control.

As always, you can easily upgrade to the latest version from the Admin tab.  Current Cloud Edition customers will receive access to Operations Manager + the Cloud Control Module.  If you are a current Enterprise Edition customer and want to take advantage of some of the latest functionality (e.g. Reservations) or some of the functionality that you are now entitled to (e.g. APIs, Deploy) contact us to request a new license key after you upgrade. To request a new license you can contact Andy Robinson in Account Management (andrew.robinson at or email licenseupdate at Please include your full name, work email address and organization name in the body of the email.

And if you’re not a customer, download a free 30-day trial today and see what you’re missing out on.