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Putting the RI in RightSize with Turbonomic 6.1

Posted by Eric Wright on May 2, 2018 8:28:30 AM
Eric Wright
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Another incredibly powerful addition to the Turbonomic platform with the 6.1 release is the addition of more capabilities and actions for Reserved Instances on the pubic cloud. Continued innovation within the platform and by our partner cloud providers has led to very exciting updates which help unlock the ultimate combination performance while delivering the optimal efficiency and savings for your cloud compute instances.

Unlocking the Potential with Reserved Instances

For AWS customers, you now have both the planning and modeling of Reserved Instances using our cloud migration and optimize cloud plans plus the addition of real-time actions for AWS Reserved Instances for EC2. This means that you can plan and model any portion of the environment, by group, region, or by entire cloud provider and know that the Turbonomic decision-engine will be delivering the optimal purchase to meet the demand of both performance and your budget, all within a matter of minutes or sometimes even just seconds. No need for spreadsheets and explaining away the bad sizing decisions that manual estimation has caused in the past.

The real-time actions within Turbonomic will take your current Reserved Instance inventory into account and make even better, more accurate decisions to best utilize these RIs to assure cloud workload performance while always doing so with the optimal cost. This ensures performance without sacrificing your cloud budgets, and drives the most effective use of both on-demand and Reserved Instance for cloud compute without sacrificing performance.



In the Optimize Cloud plan view, Turbonomic provides the decisions for you with customizable options for which type of Reserved Instances to purchase including the duration, type, and matching the appropriate regions to align with your placement and compliance policies.



You can run and re-run these scenarios based on any scope or subset of the environment, and with different purchase options. This way you have the most accurate and trustworthy decision data to get the best from your cloud environment.

For Microsoft Azure customers, you will find Reserved Instance options in the Cloud Migration plans which ensure that as you run modeling scenarios for your workloads before you migrate, that you have the best decisions around rightsizing and leveraging reserved compute capacity to optimize your spending without sacrificing the performance.

Real-Time, All the Time

As you run different plan scenarios, Turbonomic always makes real-time calls to the public cloud providers to the the most accurate and up-to-date information about available instance families, costs, and capabilities. This has been shown in many customers as AWS or Azure launch new instance families or cloud instance sizes, and they are immediately available within Turbonomic because of the real-time capabilities.

You also gain the benefit of creating different plans and models which always take the current and historical utilization (including peaks, minimums, averages, and all aspects of performance and cost) so that actions generate from the plans are the most accurate and trustworthy available to you, at all times. These plans can also be re-run as needed to get the latest decisions and actions as your environment changes.

Plan actions also show you how Turbonomic will optimize the real-time environment on-premises after the workloads are migrated. This means continuous health, optimized performance, and optimized cost are available before, during, and after every step of the way. Plus, a majority of the actions can be fully automated.

Don't get caught out using legacy approaches and stale information when making decisions on your cloud and on-premises environment.


Learn all about the new features 6.1 in our 6.1 Turbonomic Learning Center - through demos, blog posts, and our "6.1 LIVE" event series.

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