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Running for Hope in The 2018 Boston Marathon

Posted by Lizzy Leahy on Apr 9, 2018 1:16:47 PM

I am very excited to announce that I will be running in my second consecutive Boston Marathon in support of Project HopeProject Hope is a multi-service agency at the forefront of efforts in Boston to move families up and out of poverty. Most of the women this project serves are unable to meet their family's basic needs, have experienced homelessness or are currently homeless and lack the education and skills necessary to achieve financial independence. Yet, while these women face many challenges, including doubts about their and their children's future and ability to improve it, the women at Project Hope are - or have the potential to be - women of exceptional strength. Project Hope's core - and unique - competency is to ensure that potential is realized.

The Boston Marathon - A Family Tradition

The Boston Marathon is comparable to Christmas Day in my family. We grew up cheering for my aunts and uncles over near Boston College as they ran the historic race and I always dreamed of running myself one day. Last year my dream came true as I ran my first Boston Marathon, with friends and family cheering me. This year is different and especially exciting because my sister and four of my cousins will be joining me and competing on April 16th when the marathon kicks off. Training with my family has been a game-changer this year, especially when it's 15 degrees and snowing and you need the extra support to keep moving forward. This year we are hoping to have about 30 close family and friends cheering us on through the finish line and we couldn't be more excited to be doing this together and for a great cause.

Never Let Obstacles Get in The Way

Back in college I played soccer and I have always had a love for running. It would have been incredible to continue playing soccer throughout my life, but unfortunately I experienced a career-ending knee injury during my sophomore year, which was devastating. After three surgeries over the course of three years, I was unable to return to soccer and decided to channel my energy into running (not sure if I should be running 26.2 miles, but shh don't tell my doc).

TurboNation Always Has My Back

My Turbonomic team members have been the most generous contributors to my fundraising campaign and I cannot thank them enough for their continued support. There are so many causes to support around the world, so it's special that my co-workers are incredibly supportive of my efforts. Right after I ran through the finish line last year, I was completely overwhelmed by the congratulatory cheers from my entire CX team who were right there waiting for me to finish. I hope to see some more of TurboNation out on the course this year! As we continue to rally around my cause internally at our offices, I would love to bring more awareness to the cause I run for. I'm thankful that Turbonomic has an outlet for our employees to voice what they're doing both at work and outside of work. It's this supportive culture that makes coming to work rewarding and gives me the drive to go out and run the extra mile.

I'm still working to raise funds to reach my fundraising goal of $7,500 for Project Hope. If you'd like to support Project Hope, please see the donation link below - every dollar counts! Thank you ahead of time for the support as I prep for another challenging race that will be another milestone moment in my life.

Donation Linkhttps://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/projecthopeincboston2018/lizzyleahy

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