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Sales Team Insights: Q&A with GTM Recruiter Zach Choquette

Posted by Justin Graci on Jun 26, 2018 4:55:18 PM

Turbonomic is a company built by brilliant engineers and grown through a highly-motivated sales team who demonstrate our value to customers. We offer many opportunities across the sales team, but one that some candidates always have questions about is our Enterprise Sales Account Executive positions and what we look for in top candidates. To answer some of this, I sat down with our go-to-market team Recruiter, Zach Choquette.

Let’s start with some introductions. How long have you been with Turbonomic, what made you want to join and what’s your role here?

Zach: I’ve been with Turbo just north of three years now, and looking back on my path to present day is an interesting story. Like a good amount of recruiters, I stumbled into this profession after college and had no idea what it was about.  After learning the ropes at a startup agency, and then finding some early success at more established Boston based agency -- I randomly came across a job posting from Turbo. They were looking for their first Technical Recruiter.

Following a few onsite interviews, I was immediately sold on the company and the opportunity to have a visible impact on building something. There are times when you leave an interview, and you know you want to work there. This was one of of those times. Long story short, I was hired as one of the first GTM recruiters to build out the commercial/enterprise teams in the U.S and Canada and haven't looked back since!

How are the sales teams structured and what types of support functions would a sales rep expect to experience upon joining?

Zach: Turbonomic’s global sales organization is structured across four main pillars: Commercial, Enterprise, Channels and Strategic Alliances. In support of our direct/indirect go-to-market; we have Pre and Post Sales Engineers, Solutions Architects, Field CTO’s Implementation and Integration Engineers, Technical Account Managers, Customer Success, Education and Training, Enablement, and a great Marketing team - comprised of Demand Generation & Digital, Product, PR, Events, Content and Field Marketing.

What regions does Turbonomic have sales coverage in across the U.S?

Zach: Everywhere and anywhere there is a major airport, we have a world-class enterprise seller. New England, Eastern Canada, NYC Metro and Tri-State area, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, TOLA, Midwest/ Great Lakes, the Rockies, Plain states, Southwest, Southern and Northern California, Pacific North West and Western Canada.

With so many remote employees, how does the organization keep everyone in the loop and connected to the company as things are moving quickly?

Zach: Great question. We hired over 265 employees in 2017 and doubled our global headcount. About 180 employees are remote-based and either the first or second in their regions. Transparent communication, early and often is critical in on-boarding and enabling our new employees. Through hands on traditional on-boarding at HQ, to continuous learning modules throughout the year - we make sure everyone gets ramped up on our core messaging, methodology and is armed with competitive assets.

Outside of the traditional sales executive, what other opportunities are there for someone with sales experience?

Zach: We're evangelizing a platform in a market that is just beginning to tip. With that being said, everyone here is an evangelist - so expect that if you come in for any role. Outside of the AE's, we have openings on our Channel and Alliances teams, customer-facing roles on our Customer Success team and roles on our Experience team, which leads up-sells and renewals.


We're not done! Stay tuned for a great follow up article where Zach dives into the interview process and sales culture at Turbonomic!

If you're interested in checking out our careers and culture, you'll want to go here.


About our featured employee:

Zach has been a recruiter for over 5 years, where he's had experience at start-up recruiting agencies before joining Turbonomic. Currently, Zach leads our go-to-market team recruiting and had tremendous success building out our west coast enterprise sales team, sales engineer teams and more recently filling some high-level marketing roles. Zach has received multiple awards for his work at Turbonomic and more specifically, his success within his recruiting role. In his free time he can be found shooting hoops or traveling to different countries around the world!

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