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Asena Woodward

Survey finds 45% of IT professionals are interested in deploying OpenStack

VMTurbo recently conducted a survey, polling more than 1200 IT professionals. The respondents spanned all verticals with cloud environments ranging in size from less than 500 to more than 20,000 virtual machines. (The complete results will be published in June). It found that 41.5% of respondents are actively investigating the open cloud operating system, while 3.6% have already deployed it. More telling is that 49% of those actively investigating OpenStack plan to deploy to production in the next 12 months.

The data speaks for itself—OpenStack is a real player in the data center.

OpenStack: A Lego Set for IT Agility

The drama that has surrounded OpenStack is in many ways due to the lack of understanding as to what exactly OpenStack was designed to do. It is not a silver bullet and it was never meant to be one. Its programs (or projects) are essentially building blocks. On their own they’re like this:


Image Source: BrickByBrick

But as part of the ecosystem of cloud offerings, you could build this:


Image Source: Imglisting

With OpenStack the beauty is not in what it does on its own, but in what it enables.

To learn more about OpenStack and how it changes the cloud landscape, download our new e-book, OpenStack for Enterprise: The Tipping Point Cometh.

The Promise: Build the Cloud You Want

Call it “IT agility” or call it “no vendor lock-in” the eagerness around OpenStack is the promise of building the cloud you want. That freedom doesn’t come easily (when has it ever?)—there are technical challenges around installation, which are then followed by operational challenges around workload management and application performance. Yet clearly organizations are not deterred. Amandeep Juneja, Senior Director of Cloud Operations and Engineering at Walmart, explains:

We chose OpenStack as our cloud platform, not only because it’s best of the breed, but also because open source software comes with several big advantages:

  • Using open source means we avoid long-term lock-ins with any single private vendor.
  • More importantly, we know that Walmart Global eCommerce is growing into something unique. Using open source means we can modify and customize software to meet our needs.
  • Finally, OpenStack has a true community around it. It’s been used and supported by market leaders all over the Bay Area. Walmart wants to be part of that community. We have a team of very talented developers, and we plan to contribute aggressively to the open source community.

The growing demand for OpenStack is a result of the growing number of businesses that want to control their IT destiny, recognizing that it is critical to their ongoing success. Are you one of them?

As the Kilo release on April 30th showed, the growth of OpenStack continues to rise with each release.  Both by measure of code committed and by development contribution (individual and corporate), the Kilo release is the most active to date with no sign of letting up as the Liberty release development is already underway.

At VMTurbo we are seeing more of our customers embrace OpenStack and have been committed to helping them assure performance of any application they run on it. Our goal is to help make OpenStack a first class citizen of any data center. (Check out what came out with the last release and stay tuned for more developments in the next few weeks as part of our next release). There is an undeniable thrust behind the open cloud ecosystem, and the field is only getting more exciting as we head into the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver.

To learn more about OpenStack and how it changes the cloud landscape, download our new e-book, OpenStack for Enterprise: The Tipping Point Cometh.