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Eric Wright

The results are in! Thoughts on the OpenStack Survey

The OpenStack ecosystem continues to garner attention, and it is with good reason. Now in its 11th named release, the nearly six year old open cloud platform seems to be reaching a tipping point which is seeing more organizations taking a long look at bringing an OpenStack private cloud into their portfolio.

Over the last couple of years, I have been actively involved in the OpenStack community, and seeing the amount of feedback from the survey was very exciting.

Some Highlights of the Survey

We've covered some of the highlights already, but one of the things that I find particularly exciting about the results is the breadth and depth of interest in OpenStack. Not only is OpenStack on the radar for 45% of respondents, but it is being targeted to deploy within 12 months in many environments. This is the difference between thinking about OpenStack, and having budgeted to deploy OpenStack.

OpenStack Interest - VMTurbo OpenStack Survey

As more big customers are jumping onboard with OpenStack such as Walmart, eBay, PayPal and others, it certainly raises awareness, but we also found that many weren't influenced by those user stories. In a great discussion I had with Kenneth Hui in our recent webinar we thought it would be good to follow up this survey and ask specifically if the addition of big OpenStack users in a specific industry vertical is more of an influence.

Private Cloud is the New Cloud

Despite many pundits saying that private cloud would not gain significant adoption, we are seeing that this is simply not the case. More organizations are seeing the real business potential of adopting a private cloud environment to enable agility for the developers and operations teams to build and grow their IT infrastructure to meet business demands.

OpenStack Clouds - VMTurbo OpenStack Survey

Many companies who are investigating OpenStack are not only dabbling in the open cloud environment, but are planning serious growth. This is also a powerful signal of the value of a more agile, as-a-Service type of consumption of service model in IT. Not every organization is ready for the cloud model of IT, but we said the same thing about distributed computing in the 1990s as the shift away from mainframe and other centralized computing models began to happen.

Acquisitions to Innovate on OpenStack

Over the past 6 months we have also seen a very telling indicator of the validity of OpenStack as a private cloud platform. In fall of 2014 we saw the acquisition of Cloudscaling by EMC, and of Metacloud by Cisco. This week more news hit the wire as Cisco also acquired Piston Cloud Computing, followed a few hours later by the announcement of IBM purchasing BlueBox.

These moves certainly signal that large technology vendors are building their path to OpenStack. These purchases have brought nearly all of the venture capital backed OpenStack companies inside what most would regard as traditional IT vendors. There can be no doubt that the value of OpenStack is being realized both by consumers and vendors alike.

Open Survey and Open Data

In the interest of transparency of the process, we have also openly shared the full results of the survey which is available on our Github page ( to allow everyone to see each question and subsequent answers.

To get a more detailed view of the results, download Investigating OpenStack. The survey report discusses the results and methodologies. You can also find out more about our open source contributions and much more here at