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Thriving Off Challenges: Q&A with CTO, Mor Cohen-Tal

Posted by Justin Graci on Jun 12, 2018 9:16:45 AM

Last month we sat down with CTO of Cloud at Turbonomic, Mor Cohen-Tal, who shared some insights into our culture of innovation and how she has been able to navigate changes on a daily basis. We followed up with part two of our Q&A to dive into some of the unique facets of our engineering culture and the challenging projects that keep things exciting for her.

Turbonomic has a lot of unique facets and experiences to it, such as getting exposure to founders and executives, and driving roadmaps for customers in response to their needs. Tell us about a unique experience you've had here so far.

MorI learned so much from my exposure to the world class leadership team here. From each executive something else. How to fight for what I believe in, how to listen and work as part of a team, how to show product value, how to build a roadmap, how to balance intuition, vision and quantifiable data to build a winning roadmap and how to be a good leader. The most amazing thing is that I felt and continue to feel that each member of the executive leadership team is invested in my success and growth. When contemplating whether to go do an MBA I found the feedback from the leadership not only sincere but truly in my best interest.

I think it’s fair to say that just about everyone at Turbonomic thrives off of challenges and new projects – for our engineering team it's continuously innovating on a unique technology that is completely new to the market. It gives people a sense of excitement that keeps things fresh and moving. Do you relate to that? How has your role here always kept things exciting for you?

MorWorking at Turbonomic was never easy, but always exciting. As a startup the pace of development and innovation was extremely fast and everything we worked on was important for the success of the company. I got to work on every aspect of the product, from the extensions we were building, the core platform and foundation to my own ideas. When I moved to advanced engineering I was given the opportunity to really run with new ideas which resulted in three completely new extensions of the product to solve new problems for our customers. The rate of innovation and constant opportunities to influence the product, the strategy and the roadmap kept everything extremely exciting. Today I am the CTO of a product that I was a significant part of envisioning, building and sponsoring internally and externally. It’s my baby. There is nothing more exciting than that.

I’d also add that people who thrive off of the “what’s next” are the ones who find a lot of success here. Would you agree?

MorThe most exciting thing is that we’re not done. There are so many opportunities, pains that our customers still have, that we still haven’t uncovered and that our algorithm would be extremely powerful at solving. The opportunities are massive. But yes, if you tend to thrive off of the "what's next" - you'll find success here.

Finally, to wrap things up... what would be your advice to someone considering joining Turbonomic? Any traits or ways of thinking that people should possess to be successful here?

MorFind what you are passionate about, you would learn you probably are good at doing it too. When you find it, work very hard at becoming exceptional at it. Constantly learn and strive to improve. Listen to feedback and share feedback. To be successful here you need to be smart, hardworking and a team player.


About our featured employee:

Mor Cohen-Tal is currently CTO of Cloud at Turbonomic where she is our leading cloud evangelist and thought leader. She started her career as a software engineer and over the years earned seven patents for development of Turbonomic’s original cloud software. Mor holds a Masters Degree in Engineering from Cornell University.

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