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Tips for Getting Started in Tech Sales

Posted by Joseph Murray on Dec 13, 2017 10:13:31 AM

In my role as a Sales Development leader, I spend my days working with SDRs who are in various stages of their careers. Some are fresh out of college working their first professional jobs, and others are preparing to make the jump into a closing role. Below are the tech sales tips that I share with all of them and use personally to continue to learn and grow:

Learn the language

One thing people will often say when they’re first getting started at Turbonomic is “I’m just not technical” as if it’s a gene they’re either born or are not born with. While it’s not necessary to learn how to code or became a certified vExpert to be a successful SDR, it is important to be able to speak the language of tech to sound credible to prospects and show that you truly understand the challenges they face daily. It wouldn’t make sense to move to a foreign country without speaking the language, and the same concept applies to starting a career in tech.


Ask Questions

One of the best ways to learn the language of technology is to ask a lot of questions! Whether it be having an SDR mentor you sit next to on the floor, a trusted engineer, or a senior executive or sales leader, it’s important to have a multitude of resources who you can turn to learn from and grow. This is one of the greatest benefits to the open culture we have at Turbonomic, there’s always someone willing to help when you raise your hand!

Commercial Sales LeadersDon't let the fear of failure prevent you from succeeding

One thing that often holds young sales people back is the fear of failure. There are lots of firsts and moments early in your sales career that will get the butterfly’s in your stomach going. From your first role-play to your first cold call and all the way to a mock sales call with your CEO, these moments will make you feel uncomfortable. Some folks will shy away from these moments, but those who are most successful will embrace them, recognize they won’t go perfectly, and use them as taking off points to grow their careers.

Have fun with it!

Sales is really hard, but also really fun! There’s a lot of rejection, but also no better feeling than a call, email, or opportunity that goes really well. Find a group of people that you mesh well with, can laugh and learn with, and motivate you to grow in your career.

I like to think we do all four of these things pretty well at Turbonomic, and if you’d like to see for yourself please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on LinkedIn!

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