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TurboCares - Employees Giving Back

Posted by Justin Graci on Apr 24, 2018 10:32:19 AM

Fighting childhood poverty, providing pet-assisted therapy in nursing homes, and memorializing a lost friend by creating a charitable foundation that improves the lives of children through healthcare and education are just a few of the causes some of our employees volunteer their time for and it’s not to be overlooked. These members of TurboNation are making an impact in their communities, on their own time, for causes they care deeply about and it’s incredibly humbling to read the stories of those who are finding ways to give back.

turbocaresAfter talking with employees across Turbonomic over the years and also participating in some of my co-worker’s causes here and there, it became apparent that people who work here are very involved and passionate about so many different causes. Once we realized this, we knew we should come up with a way to showcase and raise awareness for each employee cause. This led us to the creation of a program we call “TurboCares,” which is an outlet for employees to raise awareness throughout the company about the causes they volunteer time for.

So far to date, we’ve showcased over 20 different charities and organizations that our employees actively participate in. Let’s take a look at a few of them and see what some of our Turbos have been up to.

J.R Butler, VP Enterprise Sales East

J.R is no newbie when it comes to charity and volunteering time outside his busy day as a sales leader. One of the charities J.R is close to is “Line in the Sky Foundation” which was founded in 2012 based on the inspiration and memory of three College of Holy Cross hockey players who had their promising young lives unexpectedly cut short due to unfortunate illnesses. In addition to Line in the Sky, he also volunteers a lot of time with the Corey Griffin Foundation, which is focused on raising funds for Boston’s most innovative non-profits. J.R is always raising awareness within the office and outside the office through fundraising efforts and event production.

Graeme Hutchison, Director of EMEA Marketing

Our director of marketing in the UK volunteers time with an organization called The Samaritans. The organization exists for people who need someone to talk to during dark or unfortunate times. The group offers trained volunteers who are available 24/7 to help assist those who are having difficulties in their lives. Their approach is to not let personal beliefs get in the way and to never give someone a label or judge them. Graeme got involved because he's had family and friends who have been effected by suicide and he wants to help those who are going through hard times. He says that working with The Samaritans is one of the most rewarding experiences he's ever had, even when the situation is difficult.

Liz Pulice, VP of Sales Enablement

Liz is an incredible co-worker at Turbonomic who spends much of her free time giving back through The Pets & People Foundation, which offers pet-assisted therapy to residents of nursing homes, special needs facilities and half-way houses. Her counter-part is a pup named Clover, who is a certified therapy dog who brings comfort and joy to those in need. Currently, Clover is a frequent visitor of the Benchmark Senior Living Center Memory Care unit where she visits with 15-20 elderly people who suffer from memory loss.

The Turbonomic Marketing Team

turbocaresIn November of 2017, our marketing team decided to combine a team outing with a cause. They chose to volunteer a half day at a local charity called Cradle to Crayons, which addresses childhood poverty by providing children from birth to age 12 who are living homeless or low-income situations with the essential items they need to thrive – at home and at school. The marketing team spent the day packing and sorting items for the organization and left feeling uplifted by their work. Following the day of volunteering, the team went out for a team dinner, where they got to recap the day and enjoy some additional team building. Volunteering is much better when it’s done together as a team!

Martha Kramer, Instructional Designer

Martha Kramer, one of our instructional designers, based out of our New York office combines her volunteer time with family time. What started as a parent-chaperone participation with a local theater group, she quickly realized how much she enjoyed helping out with the groups stage sets and managing the logistics to make sure her local community could enjoy a great event. The organization is called Curtain Call Inc. which is a regional arts and education organization in Stamford, CT. One of the main reasons this organization means so much to her is because of the lack of funding in public education around the arts. Martha says, "theater has been a great place to explore social issues, develop empathy, work on a team and hone communication skills" and that she "couldn't imagine not having it in their lives."

These are just a few of the many stories I've heard and it's clear to me that employees at Turbonomic put in a lot of time to support a lot of causes. By giving back, we're building a better community in which our company exists and continuing to make a positive impact at work and outside of work. TurboCares is open to any and all Turbonomic employees who want to raise awareness for the causes that they participate in. If you're a member of TurboNation and would like to be part of this special program, please reach out to the People & Culture team and they will help you get started.

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