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Turbofest London 2016:  Community, Science, Learning and More

Posted by Eric Wright on Jun 6, 2016 11:30:04 AM
Eric Wright
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There could be no greater welcome than to have been met by the sign on the door “Science Lives Here” as we entered the Royal Institution for Turbofest London.


To be able to be in the very same place where Michael Faraday himself, presented many of his findings to an auditorium of scientific pioneers.  The history of innovation in the building is well known, and we were honored to be in the place where so much innovation had been brought to the public in the past.

Common Challenges with Common Solutions

The event was comprised of many of our customers and community members along with our own engineering and leadership teams.  We came together to share stories, share our vision, and to nurture the great community of champions that have developed in the recent years.

One of the greatest things about bringing champions for change and automation together, is that they often end up sharing a story that starts with “Just like the last speaker said, we saw an opportunity to transform how we were doing things”. We heard from four different organizations who all told the story of a journey from the traditional challenges we all face in the data center and cloud.

As unique as every organization is, there are many common challenges that are being solved using software to deliver application performance control in the data center as well as extending that very same control capability to the cloud. It is a comfort to see the results as we chatted with panelists and attendees on their journey towards embracing automation and application performance control with the VMTurbo platform.


More that anything, we continue to learn from our community and grow together. Among the many discussions around the technologies in the data center, were many more discussions on organizational transformation as companies and IT organizations move from the current mode of operations to a future mode of operations which will embrace new technologies to solve today’s IT challenges.

A Cloud-First Approach Needs Intelligence

Another common phrase we have been hearing, and was strong at the event, was that companies are moving to a cloud-first deployment methodology wherever possible and where it is appropriate. This leads to the all important questions which are:

  • What do to put in the cloud?
  • How do we size the deployment?
  • How do we know we have enough resources?
  • Are we choosing the most cost-effective solution?

We are very proud of our Cloud Control features in VMTurbo because they answer these four questions for us. Most importantly, they are answered continuously, in real-time.  Today's organizations are searching out their best opportunities to embrace public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud scenarios.

This was a hot topic at the event and continues to be an area of discussion that draws a lot of attention. We were pleased to have a live demo by Mor Cohen, who you may have seen present at Tech Field Day in the past.

The future will be one where the public and private cloud is a significant part of many IT organization’s portfolio.

Trusted Advisors in the Journey to the Future Mode of Operations

Not only did we hear about providing the real-time control and application performance assurance that we pride ourselves in delivering, but hearing the stories of organizations who become trusted partners as we move them towards the future mode of operations.


It is together that we all reach new areas of success in the evolution of IT. Using the cutting edge capabilities we are developing with Kubernetes, Mesos, and other growing areas within the next generation of technology, customers and partners are able to walk with us and reach those goals confidently.

Continuing the Turbofest 2016 Tour to Build the Community

tf-london-closing-slideThe London event was another stop on the tour as we continue to take our team to the streets and grow our community together with all of you. This year alone, we have already seen a spectacular response from our Turbofest Silicon Valley, the inaugural event in our Turbofest 2016 tour.

Next stop Chicago! If you are joining us in Chicago, we look forward to seeing you at the event, and online in the Green Circle Community. From there we will be heading to Atlanta and finishing up the year with our Turbofest Boston. This is our journey together, and we are continuously thankful that our partners, customers, and community are here to make this all possible.

Make sure to join us in a city near you in the Turbofest 2016 Tour, and we can all reach these exciting next generation goals together. Thank you to the team in London and the Royal Institution, and to everyone who joined us for the event.


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