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Turbonomic 6.1: Optimize my Cloud? Yes, Please!

Posted by Eric Wright on May 2, 2018 8:28:14 AM
Eric Wright
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A great new feature with Turbonomic 6.1 is the new Optimize Cloud plan. The ease of access to this popular modelling scenario makes it even quicker to get the most out of your cloud spend without sacrificing performance. Thanks to more advanced integration of Reserved Instances for cloud platforms with 6.1, you will see the best possible matching of your cloud workload demand to the ideal instance type while most effectively using your existing Reserved Instance inventory. Not only that, but you will get real-time actions showing which Reserved Instances to purchase and in which region to do so.

Getting there is easy! Simply click the Plan icon in the Turbonomic UI, and select the Optimize Cloud. Choose which cloud provider you would like to optimize, and you can even focus on specific regions, or at any scope or group within your public cloud environment.



Run the plan once you configure the source details and in a matter of moments you have the power of Turbonomic giving you the most effective and up-to-date details on how to best optimize your cloud environment.

Full details are delivered in the results, including source details for each instance, storage details, Reserved Instance inventory and much more!


Better Use of Reserved Instance Capacity with Turbonomic

The Turbonomic approach with Reserved Instances is a clear differentiator already, and became more exciting with the updates in the Turbonomic 6.1 release. By continuously matching the demand of the cloud workload to the most appropriate instance family, size, storage, and network configuration, the platform ensures you are making the right RI purchase.

The tradeoff between performance needs and the workload demand as well as maintaining your cloud budget can only be done by a decision-engine which understands the entire full-stack as well as your business policies that define your intent and goals for your cloud infrastructure and across the entire hybrid IT estate.


Updated API Including Reserved Instances Access

The same access to Reserved Instance management is also available through the API which you can find in the live documentation right on your Turbonomic instance. Go to your instance IP address or domain name and add /apidoc to the URL and voila!



This means you can programmatically access RIs as well as every element of the Turbonomic platform through the RESTful API, to build easy integration with orchestration, ITSM, and other products that are a part of your deployment and management workflow.


Learn all about the new features 6.1 in our 6.1 Turbonomic Learning Center - through demos, blog posts, and our "6.1 LIVE" event series.

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