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Continuing Expansion in Hybrid and Public Cloud Capabilities

Posted by Charles Crouchman on Sep 18, 2018 8:45:45 AM

As someone who thrives on solving complex challenges, the release of version 6.2 means more excitement and more opportunity to do something powerful for the industry at large.  The growth of hybrid ecosystems and containerization has continued to drive more opportunity, bringing with it more complexity.  That complexity comes from both operational challenges, and with the cost challenges as more workloads move to the public cloud and the IT world embraces a new way to manage their workloads.

Bringing together the ability to assure performance for any workload, while adhering to IT and business polices, all while achieving the lowest cost (without impacting that performance) has proven to be a challenge that is being solved in over 2000 customers by Turbonomic. With that, we are extremely pleased to bring you Turbonomic 6.2 with updates and features our team and our partners are incredibly proud of.

Key Features of Turbonomic 6.2

  • Reserved Instance enhancements and Operating System Awareness - Map your migration and optimization plans with both RI-awareness and Operating System requirements and costs
  • Cloud scaling and elasticity with fine-tuned performance gains and cost elimination - Trustworthy actions across AWS and Azure that have been proven in the worlds most challenging hybrid environments
  • Kubernetes-as-a-Service integration - Get the most out of KaaS infrastructure options on Azure, AWS, and GCP, while also assuring performance and most efficient use and optimized costs
  • Single Sign-On - Easily integrate your Turbonomic authentication and authorization with your existing SAML environment

These are just some highlights of another strong release in the Turbonomic platform.

Further Growth in Partnerships Powered by Trustworthy Workload Automation

The partner ecosystem has been particularly exciting and continues to embrace the opportunity with Turbonomic.  Microsoft has chosen Turbonomic to be included in the co-sell ready partner ecosystem which is seeing continuous strong uptake as we help customers drive intelligent cloud migrations and continuous optimization both on-premises and in the cloud.

The Turbonomic cloud team has also seen the announcement of partner competencies with both AWS and Azure which puts our platform in a unique position to provide both migration and continuous optimization with a unified platform and full-stack, trustworthy automation both on-premises and in the cloud.

Being announced for the third time on the Forbes Cloud 100 list has certainly been a validation of work that our engineers and customer success teams is doing to take what the founding vision of this company was and extend continuously into new platforms to achieve

Microsoft Ignite 2018 and the Turbonomic 6.2 Opportunity 

As noted in our press release that went out with the 6.2 release, Turbonomic’s unique ability to help organizations assess, migrate and optimize cloud deployments with a single software platform, Microsoft has selected Turbonomic as a preferred partner to help customers prepare for Windows and SQL Server 2008 end of support.

Not only does the out-of-the-box support of Azure deliver an unmatched set of capabilities for both planning for successful Azure migrations, but further integrations include easy workflows with ASR and additional benefits like intelligent RI matching, RI purchase decisions, and the ability to leverage Azure Hybrid Benefit for optimal Azure performance with the lowest possible cost.

Please join us in congratulating all of our engineers, customers, partners, and community for bringing Turbonomic 6.2 to the market today. Make sure to join us at Microsoft Ignite at booth #315 to learn more about our hands-off approach to workload automation and how we can accelerate your Azure migration and much more.


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DXC and Turbonomic Partnership

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