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Turbonomic and the Journey to the Hybrid Cloud

Posted by Shmuel Kliger on Jun 20, 2017 4:00:31 PM
Shmuel Kliger
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The digital transformation pressures customers to modernize and transform their IT to adapt and evolve at the pace of business. The IT landscape is dramatically changing, both on and off premises. The dawn of the hybrid-cloud is here, and the use of the public cloud has proven to be central to this transformation.  Knowing which workloads should run on-premises, and which ones in the cloud, and how to manage the transition is challenging – and mistakes are critical and costly. The promise of the flexibility and the advantage of the hybrid cloud has also come with increasing challenges for business and their IT operations.

There is no disputing the fact that IT operations environments are continuing to become more complex and more challenging to manage.  Not only have we seen the problem in traditional virtualization environments as I have talked about in the past, but with the rise in adoption of the public and hybrid clouds, the challenge becomes much greater.

The challenges in hybrid cloud management cannot be solved at human scale.  It must be done through software. To solve the hybrid cloud management challenges, we must start with a platform comprising of three core tenets:

Abstraction a data model of the hybrid cloud environment that abstracts away the limitless details and provides a common, semantically rich representation for introspecting and controlling the environment.

Analysis an intelligent analysis engine driven by the knowledge captured by the abstraction that makes continuous, real-time decisions to control the hybrid cloud environment in a desired state.

Automation – orchestrated set of actions driven by the analytics engine to control any workload, on any infrastructure, anywhere, all the time, controlling running workloads, deploying new workloads and planning for future changes and trends.

The resulting system needs to be self-managing and self-regulating to be a truly autonomic system.  This is how the Turbonomic Autonomic Platform approach has proven itself in hybrid cloud environments.

Turbonomic is the only vendor to deliver an autonomic platform to control the hybrid cloud, and the only platform where self-managed applications assure their performance autonomously through software and by software, with minimal human intervention, only when absolutely needed.

Introducing Turbonomic 5.9 - Welcoming our latest Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

Turbonomic 5.9 Hybrid Cloud Management Platform with AWS and Microsoft Azure unleashes the elasticity, on-demand capabilities of the public cloud, delivering the industry leading application performance, cost optimization, and compliance enforcement capabilities of Turbonomic in hybrid cloud environments.  This combined solution delivers performance for your applications and cloud infrastructure while ensuring that you control costs, while maintaining compliance for your cloud and data center environments.

The enhanced value of the on-demand consumption model is enabled by the patented capabilities of the Turbonomic Economic Engine of matching supply and demand to scale your capacity as needed.  While the infrastructure in AWS and Azure provides the tooling and framework to expand and retract your infrastructure on-demand, that built-in tooling does not provide a way to assure application performance while also reducing the cost of your cloud footprint and maintaining many of your compliance requirements.

What has been missing up to this point is a software platform that can continuously drive the right decisions in real-time of what workload to run where and when, and how to properly configure the workloads, controlling them in a desired state.

Turbonomic Vision; Your Hybrid Cloud

With the launch of Turbonomic 5.9 we have extended the reach of of our unmatched abilities in the application and on-premises data center environments into the public cloud.  We continue to deliver on the vision and the promise to ensure workloads in your hybrid cloud environment, achieving a desired state: a state in which performance is assured while lowering costs and maintaining continuous compliance.

Delivering this release with our latest HTML5 user interface and an enhanced user experience has been a very proud milestone.  When Turbonomic was founded as VMTurbo and we delivered our first release to the market in 2010, we knew that these IT operations challenges of workload performance, infrastructure efficiency, and workload compliance, could only be solved in software.

In order to explore more on hybrid cloud management and cost optimization on Amazon Web Services (AWS), we have created a more detailed whitepaper for downloading.  We will continue to update our whitepapers as more features within the hybrid cloud platforms are deployed.

Thanks to our incredible team at Turbonomic, and our over 1700 customers, we reached this milestone together.  We continue on our journey to the hybrid cloud, but this is only the beginning!


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