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Turbonomic at AWS re:Invent 2017

Posted by Eric Wright on Nov 27, 2017 1:18:25 PM
Eric Wright
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Las Vegas is currently watching an influx of cloud seekers and cloud builders converge on the city for this year’s edition of AWS re:Invent. The annual conference is touting a 40,000+ attendance for this year, up from 34,000 in 2016 and amazingly, up from only 4,000 attendees in 2012. Having caught and surpassed VMworld and Microsoft Ignite, the AWS train is clearly chugging along with a growing community and customer base on board.

Cloud Builders

A growing group of cloud developers, cloud architects, and cloud operations folks are making AWS a big part of their overall IT portfolio. The increasing community of consumers and designers of AWS cloud services is an indication of the breadth of coverage that Amazon Web Services CEO, Andy Jassy, and team are delivering.

The audience of builders will vary in many ways. Each group of attendees is a subset of AWS customers, enthusiasts, or perhaps those investigating what to do if they take the leap into public cloud adoption. The overall conveyance presents many different options around content, events, keynote focus and more. There is a lot to learn and a lot of ways to do so.

Cloud Seekers

Are you looking to use the public cloud, or looking to advance your current cloud consumption? This is a chance to dive in with things like hands-on labs, deep-dive technical sessions with AWS engineers and partners, plus on-the-ground certification opportunities. It’s no surprise that we are seeing the AWS technical certifications showing up on the resume of many a traditional virtualization administrator. The proverbial writing is on the wall about where our industry is heading.

Cloud Economists

My Turbonomic team are proudly leading out this category. Understanding the costs of achieving performance in the cloud is critical to everyone from the IT admin to the CIO and CFO. This is also the reason that we are seeing dozens of startups chasing down the challenges around cloud billing and chargeback because of the fast-growing adoption of public cloud.

Two to three years ago we thought the cost of cloud would be a reason to hold back. Now it’s just the cost of doing business. The new challenge is making sure that the spending is done in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Turbonomic at re:Invent

You can find our Turbonomic Booth # 2621 on the expo floor with some very important capabilities that have been proven out with some very exciting customer use-cases. There are differentiating features that our team has brought to hybrid cloud and public cloud customers. AWS is clearly the current market leader, and as such, we are doing some very powerful things together with AWS as the growth continues to occur.

re:invent Turbonomic booth


AWS has unlaced incredible opportunities for organizations to adopt new patterns for infrastructure consumption and application design. In doing so, it also highlighted the value that Turbonomic brings to our rapidly growing customer ecosystem:

  • Know which workloads to run where - Real-time actions to drive the sizing, scaling, and placement of workloads to meet demand, cloud budget needs, and important compliance use-cases, simultaneously.
  • Performance you need on 30 less spend - Reduce public cloud expense without sacrificing performance.
  • Self-managing cloud operations - Automate the sizing, scaling, provisioning, and movement of workloads to free up staff to innovate instead of fighting fires.
  • Delivering cloud economics on-premises - Public cloud elasticity on private cloud infrastructure. Continuous, automated matching and scaling of workloads and on-premises infrastructure, allowing you to drive higher utilization and scalability in real-time.

Make sure to drop by the booth if you are at the show and explore the Turbonomic platform live. We are presenting a great session featuring Charles Crouchman, Turbonomic CTO, Mor Cohen, Senior Product Manager, and me on Tuesday at 1:45 in Venetian - Murano 3203.

Look for more on our Twitter feed and make sure to put on your Turbonomic Cloud Economist shirt and take a selfie using the #TurboShirt hashtag for a chance to win a wicked cool prize every day during the AWS event.

See you at the show!

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