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A Radical Alternative to Industry Standard Cloud Migration Planning (a.k.a. “Guessing”)

Posted by Mor Cohen-Tal on Mar 20, 2018 4:45:12 PM
Mor Cohen-Tal
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Would you skydive with a parachute that you knew could only open 80% of the way? Would you build a house with a plan that you knew was only 80% accurate?

Organizations worldwide are performing cloud migrations on a daily basis. But there’s a poorly-kept cloud migration secret: the typical allocation- or utilization-based tools and approaches for cloud migration planning today are little better than guesses. (Claiming 80% accuracy would be charitable!)

The standard cloud migration follows this process:

  1. plan (inventory existing workloads and match them to cloud instances and storage tiers)
  2. migrate (move the VMs and data)
  3. optimize cloud resources (based on performance and cost in the new cloud environment)

How do we know that cloud migration planning today is little better than a guess? We hear it constantly from our customers and partners. It’s standard practice to use monitoring tools to generate allocation- or utilization-based metrics, which you hand over to expensive consultants whose “magic spreadsheets” perform calculations and then spit out a “Cloud Migration Plan” (a.k.a. “Cloud Best Guess Plan”).

Once applications make it into the cloud and onto these “best guess” cloud instances, that’s when the pain really starts:

  • much higher than budgeted cloud costs
  • poorly performing applications
  • excessive troubleshooting

Bottom line: the industry standard cloud migration plan – allocation- or utilization-based metrics, coupled to a series of cloud resource approximations – cannot deliver optimal cloud cost OR performance.

The Turbonomic Take

By contrast, imagine a cloud migration plan based on the real consumption of your workloads, mapped to precisely the resources needed in the cloud to deliver the needed performance at the optimal cost.

Turbonomic delivers exactly that through a deep understanding of the on-premises environment that:

  • looks inside the application and understands its actual resource requirements
  • understands the performance characteristics of your on-premises hardware, and how to get equivalent performance from cloud instances (ECUs or ACUs)
  • understands true storage performance and recommends the precise tier of cloud storage that applications need, without over-provisioning

Turbonomic has a game-changing, workload consumption-based approach to manage the tradeoffs required to continuously optimize cost, performance, and compliance across the on-premises environment. These capabilities are what enable Turbonomic to now change the game for cloud migration (and ongoing cloud cost optimization).

As one happy Turbonomic customer recently told us:

“Turbonomic is the one tool I’ve seen whose cloud migration recommendations you can actually trust. You’re running it on-prem so it’s already gathered your metrics, it understands workload peaks and valleys and time of day issues, plus it understands above and below the VM (the application, hardware, storage, etc). To have a tool that does that – that understands on-prem sizing, AND that truly understands AWS options, AND that matches them in a consistent way – is extremely valuable. If we had used Turbonomic at the beginning of our migration, it would have saved days – no, weeks – of my own personal time.”

-Systems Engineer, Media company in the process of migrating 3000+ VMs to AWS

If you’d like to learn more about how Turbonomic can accelerate AND de-risk your next cloud migration, please check out our cloud migration webinar here. .

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