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Employee Perspectives: Traditions that Build Trust

Posted by Justin Graci on Aug 28, 2018 9:43:49 AM

At Turbonomic we have 3-Core Cultural Pillars that drive what we do and how we operate as a team. These pillars are; Trust, Performance and Transparency. When we think about Trust within our culture, there are countless examples of how trust as a foundational piece of our culture has grown organically and continues to thrive as we grow. One person who closely relates to the pillar of Trust is Yulanda, our Payroll Manager here at Turbonomic.

How did you find out about Turbonomic and what brought you here?

I was contacted by a recruiter at Turbonomic, who found me on LinkedIn. It was in regard to the Global Payroll Manager role. I was really excited because it would be the first time I worked for a manager who knew how to process payroll and go beyond the scope of what I had done in the past. It was also my first role in a hyper-growth company – which has a lot of excitement within it.

You're one of our most vocally passionate employees, what're your thoughts on having passion for the work you do and the people you're with?

Why thank you! I always loved math and numbers and chose payroll over accounting because of the people aspect of the job. I enjoy my role as a payroll manager because I know that my efforts allow our employees to take care of themselves and their families. My outgoing personality allows me to mix and mingle with ALL of our employees, and to have fun in doing so. It’s the people here that make it so special and as a family-person myself – it’s great to be able to support my Turbo family in this way.

When we talk about reasons people love Turbonomic, often the answer is "the people." What is it about the people here that makes it a great place to work?

I love the family feel that we have at Turbonomic, and it begins at the top. When you have leaders who engage with you, on the fly, and have an open-door policy, it makes your work life so much easier. Our Executives don’t wear suits, making them more approachable to chat with, and we hire very interesting people from all walks of life. I think we have a great dynamic, and of course, my favorite time of year is around Thanksgiving, because we get to share homemade food and sit together (cross-functionally) during our annual potluck and share what we’re thankful for.

We host an annual company pot-luck lunch, where most of our employees cook a dish and bring it in to share. We all sit at long tables with our food and take time to get on stage to share what we're thankful for. Tell us more about this event and what it means to you or how you reacted the first time you attend.

Wow! I just alluded to this in my response to question #3. Thanksgiving at Turbo is my favorite time of year!  Turbo is the first company that I’ve worked for that has done this, and it is an amazing tradition. I lost my grandmother the prior September, and her birthday is 3 days after Thanksgiving, which is always a sullen time for me. She is the one that I consulted whenever I was cooking for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I’m the only one of her grandchildren who took over cooking for one of the holidays, so she could finally enjoy it, and not cook – which was special to me.

In any case, my first year, a lot of people were nervous to get on stage to share something; but I stood up and spoke. I recalled our CEO, Ben Nye mentioning that company lunches were company funded so we could “break bread” together on a regular basis to get to know each other on a deeper level. That spoke volumes to me as a person who has a religious background. The idea of being together, as a close-knit group and feeling comfortable with each other in ways that many companies don’t have.

Thinking about our 3-core pillars of Trust, Performance and Transparency - how does having a close-knit group of people who share thanks for each other create trust across the company?

If I am sitting and eating something prepared by someone I work with, I have to REALLY TRUST them! But in all seriousness, by sharing what drives you outside of work and sharing the things that are important in your life – you break down barriers that enable you to connect on a deeper level with co-workers who you might not have had the opportunity to without this. That's how you build true trust.

We also host bi-weekly lunches. What're your thoughts on these rituals as they relate to building trust?

The information that is shared with ALL of our staff, at these meetings, contains a great deal of more facts and information than is normal in any other company I’ve ever worked for. If the dissemination of this level of information across all levels is not trust, then I don’t know what is. And, to my own personal knowledge, I do not believe I’ve ever heard that the circle of trust has been broken, and that is amazing.

What excites you the most about the future of Turbonomic and your career here?

As we grow and expand into new countries, I get to educate and expand my payroll knowledge, which is great; but it would be AWESOME if I also got to travel to those countries as well… can we make that happen?!


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Our Featured Employee:

Yulanda Miller has been working as Global Payroll Manager at Turbonomic for over 2 years and is the person who knows everyone in the office. Her personality is unique and special to everyone here. Prior to joining Turbonomic, she held roles at Public Consulting Group and Leerink Swann running payroll. Yulanda is frequently seen singing pretty impressive renditions of Happy Birthday to our Boston-based employees.

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