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Chris Graham

Virtualization Best Practices Webinar: Mary Washington Healthcare

How Mary Washington Healthcare Uses VMTurbo® to Assure Performance in a Complex Medical Environment


Thursday, August 21, 2014 | Noon EDT | 9 a.m. PST | 5 p.m. GMT
(Previously Recorded)
Featuring George Amols, Technology Architecture Manager, Mary Washington Healthcare 

We have some amazing customers, and Mary Washington Healthcare is one of them. As MWHC Technology Infrastructure Manager George Amols will attest, implementing virtualization best practices in healthcare is particularly challenging. Amid evolving HIPAA regulations, the rollout of ICD-10, and storage boom driven by EMR, the complexities are vast. Executing a storage vMotion? Not so fast.

Mr. Amols manages this complexity with his own acumen - nearly 2 decades of experience in engineering and infrastructure - and some help from VMTurbo Operations Manager, the world's only software-driven control.

Watch the webinar ON-DEMAND and learn firsthand from Mary Washington Healthcare and VMTurbo about virtualization best practices including

  • The challenges of using traditional monitoring tools in a dynamic, growing environment
  • How Mary Washington uses VMTurbo to eliminate contention performance issues, maximize uptime, and maintain a healthy state for both IT and its patients
  • How Mary Washington uses VMTurbo to run intelligent capacity reports - on the fly - that help them grow into their infrastructure as efficiently as possible
  • A demo of VMTurbo, the world’s only unified cloud and virtualization control system

Background: Mary Washington Healthcare

More than 100 years ago, Mary Washington Healthcare began as an eight-room hospital in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Today, it has evolved into a not-for-profit regional system of two hospitals and 28 healthcare facilities and wellness services. Its Board of Trustees is made up of community leaders who serve in a volunteer capacity to guide Mary Washington's direction.

Its mission to the community is clear. Mary Washington Healthcare exists to improve the health of the people in the communities it serves.

As a not-for-profit corporation, MWHC invests its profits back into the organization through such activities as upgrading its technology, developing new services and hiring new staff. The result is continuous improvement in the scope and quality of care it's able to provide to the community.