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Ben Yemini

Virtualization ROI - Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

You’re probably used to hearing about Return on Investment (ROI) from your favorite software vendor (insert vendor name here) – that’s a good thing, because if a product can’t demonstrably save or make you money, you should probably run in the other direction.

The problem is that with a lot of software, particularly in the systems management space, the route to virtualization ROI is rather let’s say “indirect” – often relying at best on a complicated spreadsheet with various assumptions and extrapolations.

In previous posts, we’ve reviewed the “Intelligent Workload Management” problem – or how to drive up utilization in the datacenter while assuring workload performance, subject to technical and business constraints.  In the virtualization domain, measuring “efficiency” and “risk” is a common way to measure these, where efficiency may often correspond to VM density (# of VMs per host) and risk corresponds to the number of problems/incidents across the environment.  There are products out there that can help you understand your current efficiency and risk, but what can be done about it?  In other words, what are the specific actions that should be taken to increase utilization while minimizing risks?

In an ideal world, you’d want to know:

  • What is my current efficiency/risk?
  • What is the improved efficiency/risk I can ideally achieve (my desired state)?
  • What are the steps to get me there?

And this is exactly what VMTurbo provides – by leveraging efficient market principles across the key resource providers and consumers in your datacenter – VMTurbo understands the desired state of your datacenter – that point at which utilization is maximized while workload performance is assured, subject to policies and constraints. Furthermore, VMTurbo gives you the necessary actions to get you there – a to do list if you like to get to the desired state.  VMTurbo also carries on going, and will continue to generate the actions to keep you in that desired state – in fact, the majority of our customers choose to automate these actions on an ongoing basis.

In our latest 4.5 release of Operations Manager, we’ve added a new Summary Pane to our Workload chart view as well as a report that can be emailed out proactively.  Quite simply, this view shows you your current efficiency, risk, and distance from the desired state, and where you’ll end up if you execute VMTurbo’s recommended actions.  And this is the VMTurbo difference – ROI plain and simple, no fuzzy math or projections, just where you can get to and how to get there.

New Summary Pane added to Workload chart view showing ROI

89% of VMTurbo customers report they are able to receive an ROI with VMTurbo in less than three months.* But don't just take their word for it, download a free trial of VMTurbo and see for yourself.

*Source: TechValidate. TVID: 426-2A4-D05