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Ben Yemini

VMTurbo announces immediate availability of the March Release of the Virtualization Management Suite

As with all VMTurbo releases, this new functionality represents a blend of productivity innovations not available elsewhere in the industry along with specific usability or functionality requests received directly from end users.

The themes for this release fall into 3 broad categories:

  • Streamlining access to important information
  • Provide immediate access to effective, direct, actionable measures to ensure stability and performance
  • Making it easier to integrate VMTurbo into your day to day business operations

Streamlining access to important information

  1. Resource consumption over extended time periods - It is important to be able to look at the resource consumption of an individual physical machine to see how the scarcity or near exhaustion of a resource(s) may soon impact application performance. Whether a single metric (e.g. IO capacity or network bandwidth) or the aggregated utilization index, the ability to look at a trend or utilization peak is an invaluable tool. With that in mind, we have provided immediate access to a real-time, easy to understand graphical representation of the state of affairs.resource consumption pic-resized-600With the Monitor license, this graph can show anything up to the previous 24 hours of data over any range. With the Reporter license, this is extended up to 48 days!
  2. Detailed VM resource consumption - When overseeing an environment the ability to slice-and-dice in either direction is invaluable – “what hardware resources are used to support to this VM?”, “which VMs does this piece of hardware support?” In the example below we can see how this new release enables an admin to drill from host to VM to resources consumed in 1 click! (A full pdf report in 1 further click!).detailed resource consumption-resized-600Note here that there are 10 metrics – many traditional ‘monitoring’ systems watch as few as 2!

Provide immediate access to effective, direct, actionable measures to ensure stability and performance

  1. Immediate problem resolution - Overseeing a virtualized environment is a challenging task – there is no point reacting to threshold violations as a remedy when your customers are already calling to open tickets for poorly performing applications. It is critical that as resource become increasingly scarce, that your management tool correctly identifies which VM’s (or combination of VM’s) are the most significant contributors to a growing issue. More importantly, that without any effort on your part that same tool provide an immediate and actionable corrective remedy.From problem notification to remedy has been streamlined to 3 clicks! (Note that subject to a controlling policy, this action can be applied automatically!). In this case, the fix is a suggested move of a specific VM from the troubled host to a new specified host.problem resolution-resized-600Note that the suggestion(s) may have been any of a number of different remedies.
  2. Real Time, broad Right-Sizing – Many times the initial provisioning for a VM is little more than a guess. Moreover, over time, the working load of that VM may change. In both cases the correct action is to ‘Right-Size’. The right way to do that is to look at historical peaks and analyze how the performance may be impacted by any number or combination of changes. Those potential ‘Right-Sizing’ changes should cover a much broader spectrum of remedies than just ‘memory’.VM rightzise advice-resized-600Here we see very specific Right-Sizing suggestions as generated by the Planner. Further, these can be summarized in a 1 click report.

Making it easier to integrate VMTurbo into your day to day business operations

  1. Control Workload Distribution – Optimal workload balancing sometimes requires enacting pre-determined rules to ensure redundancy (no 2 VM’s of this may run on the same host) or perhaps limiting VM utilization of a resource (eg data store) to ensure maximum performance for Mission Critical applications. In addition to now being able to create and enact these rules, it is also possible to import existing DRS rules to save time and prevent any conflicts.Segment Builder-resized-600
  2. Integration – In any business environment, the best business practice is often to select the ‘best in class’ solution for any given task provided that tool can be integrated into the larger business management tools. In the case of VMTurbo, this is definitely a best in class solution that you can now integrate with other application via an exposed Perl API. (Note that there is also an XLM interface – please contact us for details of either)Perl-resized-600Examples of business systems that VMTurbo can now be integrated with include:Support desk
  • Scripted group creation and deletion
  • Automated responses to notifications (send email etc)
  • Inject custom information into logs
  • Auto generate approval requests for change suggestion requests.