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Ben Yemini

VMTurbo Customers Reduce Trouble Tickets

In a post last week I highlighted how VMTurbo customers have been able to reduce false positive alerts and make faster decisions to assure performance in their virtualized data center.

There are two other key performance measure we asked our customers about in our recent survey: the amount of alerts that have disappeared after deploying VMTurbo and the percentage of user generated tickets that have been reduced.

In today’s complex virtualized data centers there are a lot of moving pieces and a lot of monitoring tools that generate alerts. VMTurbo’s purpose is to assure workload performance while utilizing the infrastructure as efficiently as possible and as a byproduct many alerts will disappear.

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In fact, 58% of our customers have seen a reduction of 20% or more in their alerts.

Alerts are meant to signal to the system admin or whoever is responsible for looking after the environment that there may be a problem. The goal of the alert is to assure the issue is addressed before the end-user or application owner experiences an issue. Once an alert is generated the recipient needs to figure out what to do about it and hope to overcome the challenge in a timely manner, i.e. before anyone notices. If the problem is not corrected, an end-user generated trouble ticket may be the ultimate indication that performance is not being assured.

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With VMTurbo, 42% of customers have been able to reduce trouble tickets by 20% or more.

Ultimately the objective of most IT organizations is to deliver a great service to their end-users or customers. By assuring workload performance while utilizing the underlying infrastructure as efficiently as possible VMTurbo has enabled over a 1,000 organizations to meet application owner and end-user demands. And, as highlighted in one of my favorite quotes from our recent customer survey, increase customer satisfaction.

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