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Turbonomic Named Top Virtualization Management Tool by Enterprise IT Community

Posted by Ben Yemini on Mar 17, 2016 7:15:58 AM
Ben Yemini
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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. That saying is truer than ever in the world of IT and picking the best solution for the problem at hand. Over the last couple of decades we’ve seen two key changes that have impacted every data center and IT organization.

1) With over 85% of workloads today running as virtualized ones, virtualization management is an entire software category

2) IT buyer’s decision process is no longer dictated by the vendor

Customers do over 60% of their research before contacting a vendor and they expect to learn from peers who’ve had similar challenges to help them decide on the best solution.

So I was pretty psyched to see Computer World’s IT Central Station list Turbonomic as the top-rated virtualization management tool.


Here are some of the highlights from our customers.

“There’s a big difference between knowing a problem exists and proactively preventing or fixing one without human involvement”

“Automation allows us to right size our infrastructure.”

“I don’t have to care for and feed each individual VM, nor make sure that the environment’s balanced just the right way”

Now and in the Future

But here is the best part, Turbonomic is not just about virtualization management. We’ve extended our decision engine into the public cloud, Docker and the application layer.

And it’s even more exciting to see our customers trust Turbonomic to control every layer of the stack whether it’s running in their “boring old” vCenter, in AWS, on OpenStack, on Docker or whatever architecture they are contemplating.

After all our goal is to enable our customers to guarantee application performance. To do this we have extended our control platform to enable our customers however they’ve chosen to architect and scale their applications.

Thank you to everyone that reviewed Turbonomic on IT Central Station. And thank you to the broader Turbonomic community that continues the drive to make sure every application performs and no workload is left behind.

You can read the full IT Central Station report here.

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