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JR Butler

VMTurbo Partners - Are Your Partners Asking You Why?

I used to sell ladders.  Well, theoretically.  I spent a majority of my career in the data center solution consulting space.  I spent a lot of my late twenties sitting through meetings with IT organizations discussing strategies around Private and Hybrid cloud service delivery models, plans around converged infrastructure and software defined data center, delivering Infrastructure As A Service and overall application service delivery methods.

vmturbo partners

The ladders I was selling were infrastructure stack solutions like Virtualization, Servers, Networking, Storage, Back Up, and DR and the wall my customers were trying to climb was achieving application service resiliency in the most efficient manner possible.

There are a lot of competitors in my old space.  Now that I am on the "manufacturers" side of the house, I spend a lot of my time with these folks.  It’s been an eye opening experience.   In my mind, any infrastructure partner an IT Organization chooses has a single objective -  to ensure that they are helping that client choose the right infrastructure solutions to deliver applications as resiliently and efficiently as possible, while aligning to that organization’s business objectives and goals.

So how do you know you are working with the right partner?  It’s actually easier to figure out then you think:  When is the last time they asked you a very simple question – Why?

Why do you want to buy more servers?  Why are you looking at Solid State drives?  Why are you asking for budget for more head count?  Why do you want to purchase monitoring products?  Why do you need better reporting?  Some IT Organizations are stuck in a place much like the gentleman shown in this picture.  They have a large stack of all the infrastructure resources you could ever imagine.  The ladders are there, but they are not leaning against the wall at the right angle, but piled across the floor.  These organizations are left to the climb the wall to assuring application performance and maximizing efficiency without understanding the best way to lean the ladders their infrastructure partners have sold them, and they may not even have the right ladders to begin with.

As an IT organization, you can buy your ladders from a number of sources.   You can do your own research on solutions, and evaluate every ladder in the market.  A good place to start when looking at the resources that are going to be the foundation for your Application Service delivery is to first get your arms around what the actual demand is on those resources from your application workloads.

And a good place to start from a partner perspective is someone that is going to ask you that very important question of why.

At VMTurbo, we offer both.  Our software is purpose built to understand the relationships between application and workload resource  demand and infrastructure supply in a virtualized data center. With this unique approach we, along with our VMTurbo partners, are able to help our customers assure application performance while maximizing efficiency of their environment.

We have an eco-system of VMTurbo partners that have bought into the idea of asking customers why, and working with you to understand what your true resource demand is, what your business requires, and what ladders can be placed in the right position to ensure you are able to climb the wall to delivering applications for your business as efficiently as possible.

So ask yourself, when is the last time you heard why….