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Chris Graham

VMTurbo Is VMware vSphere 6 Ready

On February 2ndVMware® announced the upcoming general availability (GA) of the much anticipated VMware vSphere® 6.0. The latest installment in the VMware vSphere line boasts some 650 new features including new maximum VM sizing, host improvements, and cluster configurations. This update also includes enhanced VSAN and VVOL features, vMotion® improvements and cross-vCenter™ migrations for metro-based deployments. This announcement also saw the formal launch of VMware Integrated OpenStack® (available as a virtual appliance and deployed through the vSphere Web Client). VMTurbo supports vSphere from version 4.x through to the newly available version 6.0.

Customers who choose to deploy VMware Integrated OpenStack will not require the VMTurbo OpenStack control licensing. All of the instrumentation and mediation required for controlling the VIO environment is provided by the VMware vCenter REST API, rather than the native OpenStack components.  For those who will run OpenStack other than the VIO implementation, we simply need to add VMT-developed metric instrumentation in the VMTurbo Github.