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Learn What's New in Turbonomic 6.2

Posted by Eric Wright on Sep 18, 2018 8:48:24 AM
Eric Wright
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Another important milestone for Turbonomic has been achieved with the official release of version 6.2 of the industry-leading workload automation platform for hybrid cloud.  Our team has been both listening and leading to the industry through our customers and our growing and excited community.  The launch of Turbonomic 6.2 marks another step forward in a well thought out roadmap towards bringing modern workload automation to the full-stack across hybrid environments.

On-Premises and Core Updates

The data centre growth may be slowing with the advent of cloud as a preferred deployment target for a lot of companies, but the amount of on-premises environments being automated and optimized with Turbonomic continues to grow at a rapid pace.  Updates with our 6.2 release include the addition of SSO (Single Sign-On) integration

Cloud Updates - RI Feature Expansion, Migration Plans, and more!

The 6.2 release has a lot to bring to the cloud folks among our Turbonomic community.  We have added RI (Reserved Instance) capabilities for the Azure environment which augments what we launched in 6.1 with AWS support for RI on both the planning and the real-time environment on AWS.  Now your Azure migration plans will include purchase options and decisions that match the real-time and historical demand of workloads to assure the best performance on Azure and AWS while also optimizing for the lowest cost.

Azure Resource Groups are also included as source groups so that you can very easily do plans and policies related to familiar groupings of your resources which is a powerful and highly popular part of the Azure environment.  Additional enhancements are also coming in the way of integrations and tie-ins to services like ASR (Azure Site Recovery).  Much of the value is being found by Microsoft themselves as we have shared through our Resource Center (Microsoft and Turbonomic) which highlights field work that is being done by both Turbonomic and Microsoft to enable the successful acceleration of cloud migrations and continuous optimization across hybrid environments.

Next-Generation Updates - KaaS (Kubernetes-as-a-Service) 

The recent announcement of the extension of Turbonomic self-managing Kubernetes features into Kubernetes-as-a-Service platforms (Read about it here! ) opened up the door to the true multi-cloud enterprise seeing even more value from their Turbonomic adoption.

Customers and Kubernetes advocates alike are loving the features and value that come from this offering, which you'll see more of as we head into Microsoft Ignite, AWS re:Invent, and Kubecon in the coming weeks.  Fall is a busy time with the technology show season, and our team will be there at each of these industry-leading events to showcase what's here and what's coming for the rest of 2018.

Partnerships and Future Building

Microsoft Ignite clearly stands out as a prominent show for us at Turbonomic with such a great array of folks on the team (both executive and amongst product development and product management) who have a rich history with Microsoft and its partners.  Look for some excitement as Microsoft shares updates on our migration assessments program, the EOS (end of support) path for Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008, which are both heavily influencing a lot of customer's push towards embracing Azure as the preferred place to launch and re-platform their workloads.

Many of the updates willl be discussed and explored in detail in upcoming blogs, through our webinars, and with our customer and community events that open up the possibility for people to join us in person across the globe.

More Updates, More Great Documentation and Resources

As always, our documentation can be found with the latest release notes, deployment, and usage guides at https://docs.turbonomic.com with additional content always available at our open community site https://greencirclecommunity.com which is updated daily by our community and Turbonomic team members.

Thank you to everyone who made this release possible.  With the guidance of our very excited customers and a team of engineers who work tirelessly to execute on the vision of our Turbonomic founders, there is no better way to say thank you than with another update and continued growth as a platform and as a company.  Welcome to Turbonomic 6.2 and we will see you at an event soon!


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