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Eric Wright

What's your Data Center BMI?

You're probably wondering what BMI has to do with data center and application infrastructure.  This is not trick where there is another acronym from the IT landscape that maps against it.  This is the same idea of a Body Mass Index relative to your data center and application performance.  Today you have a number.  That number is a rating of lean muscle mass (application performance) versus your overall weight (capacity).  There is even more detail and depth to the accuracy of the number when you include locational body fat percentage and pull it all together to get to your current state BMI.

Application Performance is like Weight Loss

This may seem like a strange analogy.  No matter what your current state of personal BMI is, you probably wish that you could do something about improving it.  You know the steps needed usually, but they require time, continuous effort and smart choices that leave you the option to take action one way or another to affect your BMI.

Based on the data center BMI, we know the way to affect it is to do the same as with exercise.

Calories in - Calories Out - Base Metabolic Rate = Net Daily Calories

So, you download an app that is supposed to monitor your performance and help you get to your BMI goal.  The problem with the app is that it still doesn't connect the want for change with the actionable way to affect it.  This is where things really hit home as we look at the your data center.  What if the app that helps you lose weight actually made continuous real-time decisions about food and exercise choices and was able to take those actions for you?

The challenge is even deeper than just that.  Everyone has different body types, exercise regimens and other variables that come into play, so when we think of the data center, why would it be different?  Each environment has it's own Calories in (supply of infrastructure - Compute/Storage/Network).  Each environment will also have a variable base metabolic rate (application demand) and additional calories out (additional application demand).  That means your desired state (Net Daily Calories) which you want to be affecting your BMI will be relative to your environment.  It's also fluctuating by minute, hour, day, week, etc.

Nearly everyone who thinks they are doing fine with their personal BMI but is dealing with it manually (or not at all) is very quickly converted once they see the progress of starting a program to attack personal body performance.  Find my anyone who is even 10 pounds over their ideal body weight and suddenly take that 10 pounds off and they will immediately understand the value that they didn't realize they were missing.

Application Performance Diet

The reason that I bring this analogy up is that no matter what you think is a satisfactory BMI for your data center and cloud environment, you can do better.   You just need help.  There is no miracle drug for dieting, but my team at Turbonomic is doing something powerful for the data center and public cloud to get you to the desired state for your applications.

As we look forward to the public cloud, containers, and the elusive goal of "agility", we are left with the simple question of how to morph from the current mode of operations (CMO) to the future mode of operations (FMO).  The FMO requires that we embrace a more heterogenous environment and new methods of deploying and managing our applications.  As quickly as we accepted and embraced the public cloud, we already shot right forward to embracing multi-cloud.

When you think of application architecture and how much is changing to enable scalable application architecture, the need to change our CMO using platforms that can make those continuous real-time decisions for us around application performance.  If you're keen to see just how we can do this together, you can download today and see it for yourself.  This is really just the basics of what we can achieve together.  I would challenge you go to anyone on your team or throughout the organization and say "would you like it if we could increase application performance by 30% by just installing a virtual instance and letting it take actions for us?" and find me someone who says no.

While you're at it, you can also learn about how to unlock some of the secrets of cloud performance and cost with a very cool webinar series that we are running.  You will hear some tips, tricks, and real stories from real environments that can help you get from CMO to FMO both on-premises and as you look to transition to the cloud.  Join that series HERE and you can also win tickets to AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas to join my team for the leading cloud event in the industry.   Hope to see you there!