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Eric Wright

#WhyVMTurbo – Great Customers, Great Community

In our recent post we highlighted the distinct value that VMTurbo adds to the virtualized data center. With over 1200 customers using our award winning, patented Economic Scheduling Engine to do true intelligent workload management for their infrastructure, it is no surprise that some would want to share their story.

These are just a few of the powerful customer stories that help illustrate the value that VMTurbo will provide for your environment, at any scale.

"Honestly, at the time I purchased the product in 2009, there were no competitors to the product and today there still aren't. There are alot of products that will analyze your environment and spit out a report, but nothing that is fully automated out of the box and ready in 5 minutes to begin moving your data center to its optimum operating level. VMTurbo is not another monitor." - Nick Casagrande, Director of Information Technology, Southern Waste Systems


"Its our eyes on the important resources when we are busy working other projects. It has helped keep performance, especially our VDI environment, running well without much administrative intervention." Joshua Feather, IT Manager, onTop Technology Corp.


"A free download and a 5 minute install quickly showed us where the problems were and putting it into automated mode made the CPU ready disappear in a few hours literally. " - Nick Casagrande, Director of Information Technology, Southern Waste Systems


"I wouldn't change a thing, except I wouldn't have waited a full month to purchase the product." Dean Smith, Senior Systems Administrator, Cathay Bank


"We are a global service provider in the cloud space and utilize VMTurbo Operations Manager across each of our virtual instances. We place significant value in the role VMTurbo Operations Manager plays in ensuring performance, up-time and application availability for our customers and would recommend it to anyone running a virtualized environment either internally or public facing." Brent Gonzales, VMware Engineer - Cloud Operations, Dimension Data

Closing the Gap to the Assuring Performance in the Software-Defined Data Center

You can see that our ability to provide control and assure application performance for any workload, on any infrastructure, anywhere, anytime, is also able to drive a powerful ROI at any scale.

Whether you are running 3, 30, 300, or 3000 hosts, VMTurbo is the only solution that can assure performance for your entire environment with the power of control through software.

You can view reviews of our product which help to show how customers have used VMTurbo to provide the intelligent workload management needed to increase performance, decrease latency, and increase the value for their hardware assets.

We have our verified reviews published at IT Central Station and TrustRadius.

it-central-station trust-radius

The Power of the Green Circle

Through our Green Circle Community we are engaging with technologists everywhere to create and grow a powerful free and open community.  Powered by community advocates and customers alike, the Green Circle continues to create an informative and fun forum to find solutions spanning every area of technology.


Join the Conversation

We love your feedback, and encourage joining the exciting conversations through the Green Circle, or on social media such as our #WhyVMTurbo campaign.  As a company that is powered by community, there is no better validation than the stories and successes that you have shared with us.

Give VMTurbo a Try!

If you aren't already using VMTurbo, you can download for free right now and see within an hour of deployment how VMTurbo puts the control at your fingertips.