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Working on Advanced Technology: Q&A with Ahmed Saba

Posted by Justin Graci on Jun 19, 2018 11:33:55 AM

It's sometimes difficult choosing the first step or the next step in a career, especially within the world of software development. There is a wide spectrum of products at different companies that you can choose from and then there is the question of "how will my career progress at this company?"

To answer this question, we sat down with a few members of our impressive R&D organization to discuss their development and career progress at Turbonomic. One that stood out was Ahmed Saba, who is an Engineering Manager in our New York office.

Ahmed, thanks again for taking the time to sit down. Let's start things off easy... how long have you been with Turbonomic?

Ahmed Saba: I've been at Turbonomic for a little over 6 years now!

How did you find out about Turbonomic?

Ahmed Saba: I first heard about Turbonomic while I was at a Columbia University Tech Fair. The Turbonomic team was there and I knew this would be a great experience.

What made you want to join Turbonomic?

Ahmed SabaI live for new experiences. After working for 3 years in a giant company I wanted to try a start-up to understand what does it takes to grow a company. At Columbia, when I met Danilo, I was very excited about the company’s idea and vision. The most important thing was, I knew I was going to work with the most advanced concept in the industry and that made me choose Turbonomic.

How has your position evolved over time here, and what helped or enabled you to move upwards or laterally within the organization?

Ahmed SabaI joined as Software Engineer and evolved to Engineering manager. Having joined early, I got opportunity to work closely with experts in our company. This helped me to learn and understand importance of good design, abstraction and architecture to facilitate scalability and performance of a product. Apart from my technical skills, I got opportunity to work on my managerial and people skills by learning from some of great managers at turbonomic.

What technologies or projects have you had the chance to work on that you never expected?

Ahmed SabaI got an opportunity to work on all the cloud products like OpenStack, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platforms, which was really exciting. These are things I likely wouldn't have had the opportunity to work on at another company, but that's why I love Turbonomic.

What is different about Turbonomic from most other companies?

Ahmed SabaTurbonomic is a very flexible company with an open door policy. Having said that, engineers get the opportunity to choose projects where they think their interests align most. We are growing exponentially so we are developing new features exponentially too. There is always a lot of interesting projects to work on turbonomic.

What is it about Turbonomic that keeps you wanting to grow here?

Ahmed SabaFast growing pace with new and interesting challenges to solve.


About our featured employee:

Ahmed Saba TurbonomicAhmed Nooras Saba is currently one of Turbonomic's Engineering Managers. She is a frequent contributor to the OpenStack community and has grown her career at Turbonomic from software engineer to manager. Prior to Turbonomic, she was a software developer at Aurubis AG and graduated from the State University of New York Buffalo.

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