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Celebrating Community Action Day at Turbonomic

Posted by Meghan Shipp on Nov 6, 2020 11:15:00 AM

The last few months have been a test of resilience for us all – we’ve persevered through a global health crisis, economic uncertainty, the heightened impacts of climate change, and racial injustice… all leading up to one of the most contentious U.S. presidential elections of our time. It has never been more important to show compassion for our employees, customers, and extended community, and to lead with empathy.

The recent U.S. election was an opportunity to do exactly this. Voting is not just an opportunity to have a say on our country’s top issues, but it’s also a way of showing up for others. Civic engagement is a powerful way to demonstrate compassion for your community – just as Turbonomic’s platform can produce better decisions with more data, our political system can produce more equitable outcomes with higher voter participation.

At Turbonomic, we declared Tuesday, November 3rd a “Community Action Day” – all employees were given the day off and encouraged to spend that time in a way that benefits their community.

Given that we are a global workforce, we offered a few different avenues for participation:

Voting: Elections are a critical way to ensure your voice is heard on the issues that matter most. Our U.S. employees were given the opportunity to show support for candidates that can create systems and policies that will make people’s lives better, both locally and nationally.

“This year, we made voting a family affair,” said Sultana Khandakar, our People Strategy Program Manager. “I dropped off my mail-in ballot with my parents and grandparents in NYC!”

Volunteering: The success and wellbeing of our communities is reliant on individuals showing up for one another. With COVID safety measures in mind, we offered our employees ideas for remote volunteering. Between donations, drop-offs at food banks, and neighborhood cleanups, Turbos found great ways to give back to their communities.

“As an immigrant, I could not vote in the U.S. election – but I was heartened to see such an excellent turnout of citizens exercising their right to vote and their efforts to keep democracy alive,” noted Jodie Fernandes, Strategy & Operations Manager at Turbonomic. “For Community Action Day, I researched organizations and chose to donate to Community Cooks – a local org dedicated to providing homemade food every day to people in need.”

Learning: Education is an important step in becoming more civically engaged. Employees could take the day to research what issues are most important to their community. For example; finding out who your local representatives are, or diving deeper into the major issues on the ballot, as many of these issues will continue to exist long after the election.

Regrouping with family or friends: Our families and friends are a critical pillar of our own personal communities. We encouraged everyone to take time to re-engage and relax with your loved ones, especially as we deal with new challenges on top of our day to day stress, like learning how to stay safe during a global pandemic, transitioning to WFH, managing remote schooling for young kids, or dealing with election anxiety.

At Turbonomic, we aim to provide our employees with resources to support their health and wellbeing, including videos for meditation, yoga and exercise classes, recipes, and webinars on resilience and stress management. Additionally, we utilize a service where Turbos can choose custom wellness perks like food delivery services, student loan repayment, and learning and language courses.

Our company recognizes that we have a strong platform made up of employees, customers, and partners – and it is on us to use that platform and the power that comes with it to do good. On November 3rd, many of our customers, partners, and other prominent tech companies also used their platform to increase civic participation:

  • HubSpotCisco, and other companies gave their employees the day off and/or closed their locations on November 3rd
  • Bain Capital, Rapid7, State Street, Bank of America, Eversource, Wayfair, and others agreed to participate in A Day for Democracy: A non-partisan initiative, founded by CEOs, to encourage leaders across the U.S. to pledge to increase voter registration and participation of their employees
  • Our technology partners like Microsoft and IBM have also utilized their technology to support voters on Election Day.

There is an increasing expectation from stakeholders that companies should use their voice to influence positive change. Gartner research shows that employees overwhelming want companies to address the challenges we face as a society, and that a company’s ability to speak up positively impacts customer sentiment – 70% of employees expect companies to take a public position on social issues relevant to their business, and 48% of employees expect companies to take a public position on social issues regardless of the issue’s relevance to corporate objectives.

We look forward to providing our employees with additional opportunities to come together for their community and think bigger than themselves!

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