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Cisco Announces Intersight Workload Optimizer

Posted by Bali Kuchipudi on Jan 28, 2020 12:21:57 PM

At Cisco Live Europe, Cisco announced Intersight Workload Optimizer. Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer is a new offering that enables customers to assure application performance from on-premises (UCS, HyperFlex & 3rd party infrastructure) to cloud (AWS, Azure). Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer is the integration between Cisco Intersight and Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM).

As per the press release Cisco Workload Optimizer introduces the following new innovations:

  • Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer introduces powerful workload and cost optimization capabilities across hybrid application architectures. Intersight Workload Optimizer takes into consideration performance, cost and compliance constraints. It uses historical and real-time knowledge to proactively flag potential issues as well as list opportunities to lower costs driven by over provisioning. Unlike approaches that start and end with virtualized infrastructure, this solution can pin-point the root cause for application degradation whether it be at the application level, at the VM/container layer or deep within the storage, compute or network hardware.”
  • AppDynamics and Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer now exchange and correlate data to give application and infrastructure teams a shared view of infrastructure dependencies that effect application performance, user experience, and business impact. Using common vocabulary, common tooling and sharing datasets between application and infrastructure health, Cisco enables IT teams to more easily cooperate and focus on what matters most: the business and customers. This industry-first, direct coupling of application insight to infrastructure automation empowers infrastructure teams to keep up with the demands of application-centric businesses in real time, while managing costs and complexity.”

Cisco is an OEM partner of Turbonomic, offering the Turbonomic solution as CWOM to their customers. CWOM is part of Cisco’s Data Center Offerings.

In today’s application driven culture, applications need to be always performing for the best customer experiences and business outcomes. Across any vertical --- finance, retail, healthcare, education, state/government --- at the heart these organizations are technology companies innovating and developing applications for the best customer experiences. Assuring application performance in today’s complex, dynamic and distributed application environments is beyond human scale.

CWOM helps these organizations assure application performance by continuously resourcing applications to perform. End users (customers, employees and suppliers) will have a great customer experience as applications are continuously resourced and always performing. By using CWOM, customers let software make the decisions through AI and automation to continuously assure applications have the resources they need to perform. CWOM scales the efforts of your IT and application teams helping them drive innovative applications and differentiate against competition.

By integrating Intersight with CWOM, Intersight customers have visibility into their infrastructure health and with Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer, customers have visibility and insights into how their applications are performing to continuously resource them to perform for best customer experiences.

Cisco is effectively “Bridging the Gap Between Application and Infrastructure Teams” preventing application performance issues and doing away with war rooms for troubleshooting application performance issues. Cisco Intersight workload optimizer delivers a closed-loop operating model and platform for hybrid applications, breaking down silos between application, development and infrastructure teams to assure critical user experiences. Additionally, CWOM integrates with AppDynamics using business insights and application SLOs to drive resourcing decisions. This integration provides Intersight customers with visibility, insights and actions across applications and the infrastructure stack.

If you want to learn more about Intersight Workload Optimizer and overall Cisco Live announcements, attend this webinar on February 5th.

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