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The Perfect Storm and Perfect Opportunity: How Cloud Native is Unlocking a Multicloud World

Posted by Asena Hertz on Apr 11, 2019 2:25:51 PM
Asena Hertz
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We recently published our 2019 State of Multicloud Report (thank you to all those that took the survey and shared their experience!). It shed light on some interesting dynamics at play as organizations adopt their multicloud strategies. In short, they are adopting multiple clouds for the freedom to choose what’s right for their applications and their business. And containers and cloud native technologies are enabling them to do it. Definitely check out the full report.

Another way to look at it is that multicloud strategies are “vendor unlocking strategies,” which, as Shmuel Kliger, Turbonomic Founder & President puts it, leads to some tough technology decisions for organizations: “What type of services do they consume from the cloud providers and how much of that consumption is done through direct consumption of those services versus providing some layer of decoupling that unlocks them and gives them the flexibility to move between clouds.”




The portability of containers are making it possible for organizations to unlock themselves and flexibly move between clouds, while cloud native technologies are enabling new levels of speed and elasticity that the business relies on. There are barriers, however; most notably, according to respondents, security and the ability for applications and data to be fully portable. We can think of these as the next big challenges for the industry to solve—exciting times!

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In the meantime, multicloud is here to stay—but it’s a perfect storm: the very technologies that make it possible, removing the barriers to fully automated and elastic environments that legacy technologies struggle with, are the same technologies that create extraordinary complexity, dynamics, and scale. It’s why respondents also cited complexity and culture as the top challenges to their organization achieving its goals.

Unlocking Elasticity in the Face of Complexity

We decided it was worth taking a closer look at the drivers and enablers of multicloud because our customers are on this journey, eagerly anticipating—and building towards—the opportunities that a multicloud world will offer. (WARNING: Shameless plug...) In the face of its complexity, they are using Turbonomic software to automatically navigate the very real resource tradeoffs between performance, compliance, and cost. These tradeoffs existed long before containers and multicloud and will continue to exist long after. It is a platform built to leverage the knobs that these environments expose.

Cloud native is unlocking these levers on a whole new scale, removing the friction of executing all the actions that Turbonomic software can drive to keep the environment in a continuously performant state. It’s a privilege to be on this journey with our customers as they build this multicloud world and we are incredibly excited to see how it evolves.


Read Our 2019 State Of Multicloud Report

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