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Data Cloud Deep Dive: December 2020 Customer Quarterly Webinar Summary

Posted by Chris Graham on Jan 4, 2021 2:45:10 PM

Why We Built Data Cloud

Have you ever been asked one of the following questions?

  • "Was there a server outage?
  • "Why is my app slow?"
  • "Do I need a bigger VM?"
  • "Do I need more storage?"
  • "What host has that VM been on?"
  • "What happened at 4 p.m. yesterday with my app?"
  • "What am I paying for?"
  • "What is on that cluster?"
  • "What does the load at month end look like?"
We're willing to bet with virtual certainty that you've been asked all of these questions at some point in your IT career. They are central to the primary divide that exists between Applications and Infrastructure teams—and plague even the most well-run DevOps teams—and they are the questions that prevent IT from running as efficiently and performant as possible.

Last month, Turbonomic experts Brian Promes and Tom Griffin gave customers an inside look at our brand new Performance Data Warehouse: Turbonomic Data Cloud, which was invented with the sole purpose of closing the Apps-Ops divide once and for all. If you missed it, you can catch the full recording here, or keep reading for a synopsis and key excerpts.

Data Cloud 12-15-20 Blog

It's About Time: Data in Real Time, and Over Time, at Any Point in Time.

With each team using its own disparate tools to measure performance, extract telemetry, and define their version of the truth, it is impossible for both sides of the Application-Infrastructure relationship to ever get on the same page. The purpose of Turbonomic Data Cloud is to align teams by correlating full-stack application and infrastructure data in real time and over time so either group can quickly query the source of resource congestion, the remediating actions recommended or taken by Turbonomic ARM, and what actions or policy changes should be taken in the future to avoid application performance degradation.

Data Cloud Use Cases

Use Case #1: ARM – Cross-Team Collaboration From a Single Source of Truth

Intrigued? See Tom's full demo here.

Use Case #2: Insights "On the Fly" – Enable Different Teams to Analyze the Same Data Whenever They Want

Even more intrigued? See Tom's full demo here.

We Built Data Cloud For You

Everything we do at Turbonomic revolves around our customers. If you do have time to watch the full recording and demo of our December 2020 Customer Quarterly webinar, we think you'll see that every capability of Data Cloud centers on this tenet. If you'd like to learn more about Data Cloud and stand up a trial in your environment, you may request so here.

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