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Dynamic Performance and License Optimization with Turbonomic and FlexeraOne

Posted by Eric Wright on Mar 16, 2022 4:51:52 PM
Eric Wright
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We have more dynamic infrastructure options than ever before and it’s growing every single day. We also see organizations and teams still struggling with the challenge of managing software licensing and reconciling the cost of licenses alongside the day-to-day challenges of operating application infrastructure.

This challenge was a core reason for the new solution offering with IBM Turbonomic and Flexera. This is a fantastic opportunity to further the work that Turbonomic has done with performance and license optimization by extending with a one-click integration with FlexeraOne.

By adding direct integration with resource grouping and licensing details from FlexeraOne into Turbonomic we can further unlock the ability to deliver truly elastic environments while assuring performance, compliance, and cost optimization.

Dynamic Optimization of Performance, Licensing Cost, and Compliance

The bi-directional integration between Turbonomic ARM (Application Resource Management) and FlexeraOne ensures that asset and license management data can be dynamically ingested by Turbonomic to build groups and enable simple application of policies. These dynamic groups and policies are linked to automation within Turbonomic that help you:

  • Eliminate the need to over-allocate resources
  • Avoid end-of-service outages
  • Reduce license costs without impacting performance
  • Optimize future license and infrastructure budgeting

This is a huge win for Ops teams who are often left to manual processes and tracking of licensed assets manually. Linking the data in FlexeraOne to Turbonomic you are able to make sure that optimization in Turbonomic is reflected in FlexeraOne and that changes in FlexeraOne help inform Turbonomic to add further intelligence to the automated optimization actions.

Proof in Action from Real Customer Experience

Let’s say you have a group of SQL servers that are licensed by cluster. It’s unfortunately common for teams to create purpose-built clusters because they worry about having to manage workload placement and cluster resource usage. This leads to most folks putting significant, underutilized servers into a cluster and leaving both performance and costs on the table.

Imagine you’re using FlexeraOne to manage your licenses. You’ll have groups inside FlexeraOne to track your assets, so you’ve got your cluster and virtual workloads already in an inventory that your team uses for cost and compliance tracking.


Now we move to Turbonomic and see your server groups that are automatically pulled in from FlexeraOne and are attached to placement and scaling policies to make sure that licensed servers stay on licensed clusters for compliance. Those same policies allow co-location of non-licensed assets to make use of the compute, memory, and storage to get the most value out of those cluster resources.


If resource utilization increases, Turbonomic will move or scale the non-licensed workloads to to assure the performance of licensed workloads. This means performance, compliance, and costs optimized simultaneously without the need for manual intervention.


You can also tie into your existing Ops workflows (e.g. ServiceNow) to also add further auditability and map to your team’s processes with out-of-the-box integration or with simple custom webhooks for further flexibility.

The Power of Planning – Real-Time Data with Future Value

The same engine that drives the real-time optimization can also be used for future projections of growth using a vast array of options to test scenarios like cloud migration, cluster flattening, application growth, and more.

Having the licensed information and full-stack resource awareness as part of the planning gives Turbonomic enhanced insights for projecting future changes. It’s also more than just a projection of usage because Turbonomic plan features include the specific, prescriptive actions that show you exactly what’s needed to achieve the equilibrium of performance, compliance, and cost optimization.

For more information on the announcement and the platforms across the IBM AIOps portfolio, you can visit our product pages here:



To see Turbonomic in action, head on over to Try Turbonomic to try it out for free in our live sandbox environment.

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