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Getting Started with Red Hat OpenShift: Turbonomic Labs Session Recap

Posted by Eric Wright on Sep 1, 2020 9:15:52 AM
Eric Wright
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The most common request I get from tech folks in the field is that they don’t have enough time to experiment and learn new technologies. As a systems architect in my career, I had to really work hard to stay on top of trends and new technologies with both research and hands-on usage., so I know your pain.

We recently ran a really fun office hours education session that featured a quick 40 minute session that shows you how to get up and running with OpenShift for Kubernetes in just a few minutes, including deploying your first app, running an update, and how to do some simple management tasks with the local lab.


All of the content we shared is completely open source and free! It’s important that we do everything we can as a community to help each other out as we tackle new learning and exploration. It was a fun session for me to create and deliver because I literally build the lab from the ground up and deploy an application in the live session that you can watch below.

The fun of our Turbonomic Labs live content is that it’s making sure that you know you can do this because we are doing it live. There’s no safety net…which you may detect as it takes a few minutes longer than I thought spinning up the first cluster.

It’s also important that you can follow along the process both in watching, and in doing. That’s why we have all the links shared in a public GitHub repository as well!

Links from the Live Event

The great thing about this is that you can play along with the video event and get your own OpenShift lab up and running in no time! 

The GitHub repository has all the links and also some instructions for spinning up your MiniShift lab, forking your application repository, and committing your first code update which you can deploy with the OpenShift build feature. How cool is that?!

Enjoy the video recap above and if you want to see more great resources like our Turbo Tuesday events and Turbonomic Labs open technology streaming events, head on over to https://turbonomic.com/labs/live to see the schedule of what’s coming up. You can also catch all of our replays on the YouTube channel so you can take in the content at your leisure.

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