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Google Cloud's Anthos - Everything You Need To Know

Posted by Jacob Ben-David on Apr 15, 2019 4:20:49 PM
Jacob Ben-David
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Google Cloud’s Annual Conference wrapped up yesterday (April 11, 2019). This year’s conference was especially interesting as it was the first time Google Cloud’s new CEO, Thomas Kurian, was behind the helm (no K8S pun intended). 

Multiple exciting announcements have come out from the show this year, for example: 

However, the one that received the most attention was Google Anthos which was announced by Thomas Kurian during the keynote.  

Many details shared during Anthos announcement, so here is a quick overview to help understand what it is all about. 


Anthos is a managed offering by Google which enables users to manage and deploy containerized applications to any Kubernetes-based environment. It provides consistent experience no matter where the clusters reside, on-premises (with GKE On-Prem), or on the cloud.  

Google stated in its docs that: “[Anthos] provide management capabilities for creating, scaling, and upgrading conformant Kubernetes clusters. – which means that CNCF’s Kubernetes certified distributions such as OpenShift are supported. 

Anthos aimed at containerized workloads running on Kubernetes; it is important to note that it does not manage VM based workloads. 


Anthos is a rebrand of ‘Cloud Service Platform’ (announced during 2018)but the most interesting element of this announcement is that Google is rolling out multicloud offering. Anthos can be used to manage Kubernetes clusters on AWS (EKS) and Azure (AKS). No doubt this is quite rareand it alights with the multicloud strategy adopted by many enterprises. 


In its currenpricing model, the cost is $10,000 / month for 100 vCPU Block ($100 per vCPU of a managed workload wherever it runs) and requires a minimum of one-year commitment. New subscriptions can be purchased in blocks of 100 vCPUs. 


Anthos is a clear statement by Google that Hybrid and Multicloud are becoming a top priority for every CIO. As companies adopt a multicloud strategy, they face multiple challengesAnthos is focused primarily on addressing security and operations challenges when managing multi-k8s-clusters in different locations and vendors. 

However, Anthos does not address the critical challenge of how to assure the performance of the workloads running on kubernetes, either on-Prem, on GKE or any other cloud vendors. 

With Anthos, Google is also attempting to establish further the dominance of the technologies it supported, namely Kubernetes and Istio, which are the core of Anthos’ Hybrid Architecture (see image below): 

Image source: https://cloud.google.com/anthos/images/anthos-arch.svg 


Anthos and Turbonomic are tackling different problems, but we are aligned perfectly in our vision that the future is cloud-native and multicloud (see our comprehensive market survey The State of Multicloud). One of the main findings of our studwas that while 83% of respondents believed that workloads would move freely across clouds in the future, the top barriers to which listed in the study were: 

  1. The ability to ensure security across multiple platforms (24%) 
  2. The ability for applications and data to be fully portable (23%) 

With Anthos, Google is trying to address both of these critical challenges, which will no doubt help with the adoption of multicloud strategy.  

Turbonomic is an AI-Powered Workload Automation for multicloud environments. It allows enterprises to continuously optimize the performance, compliance, and cost of various container platforms, including Pivotal Cloud Foundry, anywhere. 

Google and other vendors will make the process of deploying containerized application a lot easier and automated (with DevOps integrations). However, the developers still need to apply “guestimates” to determine how much capacity the application will need to meet Service Level Objectives (SLOs) while being as efficient as possible - especially on multicloud where resources are billed by the second. 

If you want to learn more about Kubernetes from the experts at Turbonomic (and enter for a chance to win $100 Amazon Gift Card), makes sure to register to our upcoming webinar, on April 24th, 2019 as we discuss:  

  • The “levers” that Kubernetes provides—where are you doing the work vs. software 
  • Introduce tools that customers are using with the platform and discuss the specific problems they solve 
  • Highlight the Kubernetes-as-a-Service offerings from Google, AWS, and Azure and their critical role in making the platform enterprise-ready 

These insights will help you navigate the Kubernetes ecosystem as you build for multicloud scale and elasticity.


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