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Humans of Turbo Part 5: Georgia Gourley

Posted by Jenna Kominski on Oct 17, 2019 12:45:00 PM

In the fifth part of our series, we talk to Georgia Gourley, who has been at Turbonomic for 9 months. Read below to learn all about her journey!

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What is your role here at Turbonomic?

Partner Director, EMEA


What brought you to Turbo?

I wanted to join Turbonomic because I wanted to work for a company that was at the forefront of technology. I knew Turbonomic would challenge me but ultimately help me to learn so much more about the industry and develop my skills. As soon as I had my first interview and learnt more about the technology I was in. We really do have a unique proposition and I love the fact that it’s my job to take this to our partner community.


What is your most memorable moment at Turbo?

I’ve had many good memories at Turbo so far, but it would probably be the first day I spent in the office. I instantly felt at ease and at home. I really enjoy and look forward to going into the office (when I’m not out and about with my partners) which is something I’ve never experienced before! 


Who is your biggest inspiration or mentor at Turbo?

I probably wouldn’t be able to specify one person, there’s so much to learn from everyone at Turbo, everyone’s come from different companies and backgrounds and are more than willing to share their experiences to help you be successful in your role. 


If you weren’t in your current role, what is another team you would like to be a part of?

I love my current role and can’t really imagine doing anything else but if I had to choose it would definitely be marketing. 


What is your biggest goal for the next year?

Helping my focus partners smash the revenue targets we’ve jointly set! 


Do you have any pets?

Yes! Animals are a huge part of my life, I have three fur babies, 2 Doberman’s and a horse. 

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What is your favorite lunch spot around the office?

Anywhere near the kitchen because I am a massive foodie! 


What is the best way to spend a PTO day?

I love being outside so likely it would be something horse related or walking the dogs with my other half, then a nice meal and some vino with my family. 


Favorite Turbo perk?

The amount of time that we socialise as a team. I love the fact we do things regularly, it’s a real family feel and I love spending time with everyone from the EMEA team. Unlike other companies I’ve worked for there’s no pressure that you have to do it, so when you do it feels extra special. The way the company approaches work life balance is brilliant and definitely makes it the best company I’ve worked for. 


Dream vacation?

All I need is sun, sea and my family ... (and some wine). I’d love to go to somewhere like Mexico but anywhere in the world that has those three things ticks the box for me. 



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