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Humans of Turbonomic: Part 1

Posted by Jenna Kominski on Jul 2, 2019 9:15:00 AM

In this continuing blog series, we will be interviewing the employees of Turbonomic to find out more about what they do, why they do it, and why green is their favorite color. You will hear from Marketers, Recruiters, Sales Development Reps, and everything in between.

In the first article of our series, we talk to Kristin Moore, who has been at Turbonomic for over 6 months. Read below to learn all about her journey!

What is your role at Turbonomic? Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 4.08.46 PM

My title is Candidate Experience Associate. I communicate with and guide candidates throughout their entire interview process, starting from first initial contact, to phone screen, all the way to offer stage.

What brought you to Turbo?

I have a friend who used to work here, and he would post about Turbo on LinkedIn. But initially, 3 years ago, I had a networking call with a recruiter, who is currently on my team, to learn about the company. A position on the People Team opened up, and here I am!

Do you look for anything specific when you're interviewing candidates?

That's tough because I focus on SDR's (Sales Developments Reps), and most of them are entry level and looking to learn more about a career in Tech Sales.  If I had to pick one thing, it would be the willingness to learn. A career in tech sales is a lot to learn because the tech is hard to understand. So not only do you have to learn sales, but you have to understand the tech as well and determine what type of companies you should be prospecting based on their needs.

How would you describe the culture of Turbonomic?

I would say the culture of Turbonomic is very collaborative. You are able to work hard and be challenged, get exposure to multiple parts of the business, and have fun. I've never felt nervous asking a question, the people here want to see each other succeed.


What are some things you notice about this office culture that differs from others?

One thing that is much different from other companies is the open floor plan. It helps encourage people to work together and bounce ideas off of each other. It's very easy to communicate with others. 

What is it like to interview for an SDR role?

We review the candidate's resume, and if we feel that they are a good fit then they will have a phone screen with one of our SDR managers. After that, if the manager wants them to advance, we can bring them for a face to face interview. The candidate then meets with both SDR managers, someone from the recruiting team, and an Account Executive. On average, the face to face interview process will take 2 1/2 hours, including a shadowing session with a current SDR.

Do you have any interview pet peeves?

My biggest pet peeve is when a candidate comes in for an interview and hasn't done their research on what Turbonomic does. When you come into an interview with a basic understanding of the company, it shows that you really care and will put in effort in the future.

Most memorable moment from an interview?

I'd say my most memorable moment is when a candidate left and he had said "he had met some of the friendliest people that he had ever met in the office" and that we had exceeded his expectations. It feels great knowing that we can make a candidate's interview experience so positive just based on how we genuinely interact with one another.

Do you have any tips for potential candidates?

Come in prepared with questions not only about the company, but about people's experiences here because they are all so different. Don't be afraid to relax.

Most memorable moment working at Turbo?

The awards ceremony at our most recent Sales Kick off. The whole company was in one room, and we had acrobats performing while we were served dinner. It was so fun and really nice seeing people being rewarded for their efforts.

What should excite people about the tech industry?

That it's always changing. There is always something new and interesting to learn. It is very rare that you will have a boring day here.

Favorite office perk?

Definitely the company lunches. Every other Thursday, we have a company wide meeting with catered lunch. It's a great way to stay in touch and get updates from our other offices and remote employees.

Most rewarding part about working here?

Getting to meet so many people and getting to touch so many different parts of the business. I have learned so much in the past 6 months, I can't wait to see where I am a year from now!

Stay tuned for part 2 of our interview series.


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