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Humans of Turbonomic Part 2

Posted by Kristin Moore on Aug 1, 2019 11:00:00 AM

In the second part of our series, we talk to Meghan Shipp, who has been at Turbonomic for 1 year and 7 months. Read below to learn all about her journey!

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What is your role at Turbonomic?IMG_0284

I’m the Communications Manager at Turbonomic. The majority of my job covers Analyst Relations – I nurture and cultivate relationships with industry analysts from leading firms including Gartner, Forrester, and IDC that conduct research on a variety of topics (containers, cloud, AIOps, automation, and more). I work closely with Product Marketing to make sure that we’re collaborating with analysts on new market trends, as well as the latest and greatest at Turbonomic. I also organize our bi-weekly Company Meeting for 500+ global employees, where our executives present updates from their respective parts of the organization.

What brought you to Turbo? 

After researching top technology companies in Boston, I applied to be a Sales Development Representative (SDR) at Turbo. I had a fantastic interview process – after my formal interviews, I got to chat with the people who would eventually become my teammates and ask them questions about what a day in the life at Turbo was like. I loved the energy I felt while walking around the office – Ben Nye, our CEO, even stopped to shake my hand while the recruiter showed me around. I immediately got the impression that this is a high-energy, transparent, and collaborative place to work.

How would you describe your journey here at Turbo?

I came in as an SDR fresh out of college, not entirely sure of where I wanted my career to take me. A few months into my time here, I started sitting down with folks in each organization – from marketing, to HR, sales enablement, and the channel – to learn more about what their role looks like, how they ended up there, and what their strengths are. When the Communications Manager role within the marketing team opened up, I felt confident it was the perfect opportunity for me to continue to grow my career here. 

How would you describe the culture of Turbonomic?

Two points come to mind – the learning opportunities and constant challenge to stretch my skillset, and the never-ending support I receive from my teammates.

I gravitated towards the tech industry after college because I wanted to start from scratch, and learn something that was completely new to me. I’m confident that I’ve learned something every day at Turbo – whether it’s a technology-related concept, or a piece of professional advice.

A huge part of my enablement has come from my peers – and not just the marketing team, but our executives as well. The support (and recognition) I’ve received from not only my direct manager, but from our Chief Marketing Officer, is exceptional. Our executives also present valuable learnings at our bi-weekly Company Meeting – having this kind of exposure to them has been super valuable. 

Most memorable moment working at Turbo?

The International Women’s Day project I worked on was something really special for me. I wrote a blog and created content that would circulate on our inter-office Jumbotrons that celebrated the accomplishments of the brilliant women of Turbo (and our supportive male allies)! We also provided treats in the office from local-women owned businesses, and I wrote profiles for each of them as well. One of the great things about Turbo is that if you want to work on a project like this that you’re passionate about, you have free rein to do so.

Favorite Turbo perk?Untitled design-3

The health-related programs that our benefits team provides are great. From in-office flu shots and dentist appointments, yoga, and gym  discounts, there’s a wide variety of perks for everyone.

Most rewarding part about working here?

Understanding how my contributions impact our organization has been incredibly gratifying for me. As opposed to feeling like “just a number” at a large company, I can see why my work here matters. Also, being on a two-person communications team has allowed me to wear a few different hats, and interact with so many different parts of our organization. Of course, the amazing people I’ve met have also been a vital piece of why working here is so rewarding. 

Who has made the biggest impact on your career here?

My manager, Katryn McGaughey, the Senior Director of Corporate Communications, and our Chief Marketing Officer, Tom Murphy. The support and wisdom I’ve gained from these two has been incredible and completely redefined my idea of mentorship. I genuinely enjoy coming into work every day so I can work, grow, and laugh alongside them.  

Favorite place to get lunch around the office?

My go-to is a veggie bowl from Chipotle.

But, if I’m looking to treat myself… I’d say Citrus and Salt or Piattini!

Do you have any pets?

Yes!! My dog Marlo – she lives at my parent’s house in California, but seeing her is one of the best parts about going home.


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