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Bridging Your Application-To-Infrastructure Chasm with Turbonomic 6.3

Posted by Eric Wright on Mar 1, 2019 12:15:00 PM
Eric Wright
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Turbonomic 6.3 extends our Application Performance Monitoring (APM) integration further through new integration with Dynatrace, alongside Cisco AppDynamics. APM integrations bring rich, application-focused analytics to the Turbonomic analytics engine which are rendered in the user interface. This delivers customers with full-stack topology and the ability to drill down and explore application-specific metrics being pulled from Dynatrace and AppDynamics.  

As with our other APM integrations, Turbonomic introduced the Business Application entity and is able to dynamically discover the application topology, dependencies, and real-time performance data to not only show you where Turbonomic is improving workload performance, but as a lead in to deeper integration. Using APM as a real-time data source, Turbonomic is driving towards APM-influenced decisions and actions to better solve customer challenges.


The process is simple to extend your Turbonomic environment:

  1. Add the Dynatrace target in your Turbonomic 6.3 instance - Simply add credentials and point to your Dynatrace management URL
  2. Visualize and Search - Now you have the Business Application entity in your Turbonomic supply chain which you can drill into for a 
  3. Proof in Performance - See the actions that are taken in Turbonomic prove out the performance gains in your Dynatrace environment further closing the gap between development and operations through the use of workload automation

Full-stack automation and integration with your APM toolchain has become a powerful combination to date with our AppDynamics offering in Turbonomic 6.1, and our team is extremely excited to be adding Dynatrace to the built-in integrations today with Turbonomic 6.3.  

The emphasis on full-stack analytics that drive full-stack automation cannot be overstated.  This valuable and differentiated approach has become the standard for organizations in every business sector and at nearly any size and scale.  

Keep looking on our blog for more updates on how to explore Dynatrace and Cisco AppDynamics integration. Developers and application architects along with their IT Ops counterparts will find some great content along with some interactive webinars that will take you directly into each product to see how it works and delivers value.

We’ll be digging into these capabilities and more during the Accelerate and Optimize Your Hybrid and Public Cloud Adoption Strategy webinar, on March 13, 2019. Join us to see these new capabilities in action with both live demos and an interactive forum with Turbonomic experts.  


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